Saint Lucia’s top cop determined to “stretch” limited resources to keep citizens safe

Saint Lucia’s top cop determined to “stretch” limited resources to keep citizens safe

(SNO) – Police Commissioner Severin Moncherry said the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force will not be deterred in its fight against crime despite having limited resources.

Moncherry said the Force plans to maximise its limited resources to keep the public safe.

“Policing Saint Lucia remains our responsibility,” Moncherry said at this week’s weekly pre-Cabinet press briefing. “So the very little we have, we have to use it wisely, because most times people complain about resources… [but] it is how you maximise the use of whatever you have. So like I said, we will continue to do whatever we have to do and whatever we can do to ensure that our citizens are safe.”

Soliciting help from the public, intelligence-led policing, and increasing police patrols are methods, the top cop are being used to battle crime on the island.

Moncherry said despite the limited manpower, he is willing to “stretch” his resources to get the job done.

“I will definitely be doing this, to try to see if I can have more police patrols, but resources are very limited but the limited [resources] that I have, I will definitely stretch it to ensure that when people decide to go around serving members of the police, that at least they are safe.”

Meanwhile, the commissioner expressed concern at the recent space of crimes against businesses. He plans to meet with the St. Lucia Industrial & Small Business Association to discuss the issue.

“It is definitely of concern to me, and like I said, it is the responsibility of the police to police Saint Lucia. And no matter where you are, whether you be on top of Morne Gimie, whether you be in the city, or wherever you are, it is the role of the police to ensure your safety. However, we need to take certain measures as it relates to private companies to ensure the safety of our workers. I have been written to by the St. Lucia Small Business Association and we will be meeting very soon to put things in place to ensure that we can deal with these things,” he said.


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  1. Yeah right. Never heard this determination under the former administration. But anything to make citizens safe I support


  2. Before you stretch the limited resources make sure you bring your son down from Barbados (RSS) to help with the crime fighting initative and help curb the crime problems in his own country St. Lucia.


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