Saint Lucia’s Ministry of Health to receive financial support from PAHO

Saint Lucia’s Ministry of Health to receive financial support from PAHO
PAHO prepares to support Saint Lucia
PAHO prepares to support Saint Lucia

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – The Ministry of Health is on the verge of receiving financial support to help boost the delivery of Health Services in Saint Lucia.

On Wednesday March 14, 2018, a two-day meeting was convened between a team representing the Pan American Health Organization and Ministry of Health’s technical officers, to plan and discuss activities, realistic timelines and budget allocations.

The primary focus is to improve Health Services in the country over the next two years.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Merlene Fredericks expressed her gratitude for PAHO’s continued support.

“We are pleased to be engaged in this meeting where we together are discussing our priorities for the upcoming biennium. We do value the relationship that we have with PAHO. We have a long standing relationship with the Pan American Health Organization and they have provided much needed assistance to us in various aspects of public health and with regards to the Health Sector in general. So by the end of this meeting we hope to have a clear path forward and a clear plan for the upcoming two years where we will be working with the Pan American Health Organization in strengthening various aspects with our health sector response”.

PAHO’s representative for Barbados & the Eastern Caribbean, Dr. Godfrey Xuereb identified pivotal areas where assistance and financial support will be required.

“We have five key areas that we have identified already with the Ministry of Health, which is the area of infectious disease, communicable disease which also includes the international health regulations. We have the area of non-communicable disease which is a high priority both for PAHO and the government of Saint Lucia so we are looking at both the prevention side as well as the management. We have the third area which is family and life course so that includes young children and all the way to aging then of course the important area of health systems and information systems in health and finally the preparedness for disasters both natural disasters as well as those that we are being faced with in the region such as infections such as chikungunya, zika and others that are coming externally to the region.”.

On the final day of the meeting, the PAHO team met with the Minister for Health and Wellness to discuss the outcome of the meeting and continued collaboration between PAHO and Saint Lucia.


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