Saint Lucia’s loss is organizers redeeming grace

Saint Lucia’s loss is organizers redeeming grace

The final game of the 2013 Windward Islands Football Tournament demands that the organisers pull out all of the stops in ensuring there is a bumper crowd at the Victoria Park tomorrow night Thursday.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines has a chance albeit an outside one of claiming the title, but would need a very special turnout by the Vincentian public to lift their spirits and be the substitutes beyond the boundary.

The lack of marketing for the tournament has not brought through the gates the 5,000 patrons the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation budgeted for.

The efforts by those responsible is an indictment on their failure collectively and individually to do what is needed, such as co-opting the available resources and skill sets to sell the tournament to the general public.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines credible performances at the 2012 Digicel Caribbean Cup and the ongoing football tournament have not resulted in automatic mass crowd support at the gates.

This is that the SVGFF failed to use the responses at their disposal in the absence of marketing financing to mount a credible public relations campaign to draw persons through the gates.

The usual “we know” and “we hear you” and “we are working on it” are records stuck on a decades’ old gramophone spinning on its own volition and not on the power needed to make it work.

No more can those responsible for public relations and marketing believe that they must only make themselves available for major events so they can parade around like beautiful peacocks in the zoo.

The footballing and by extension footballing legacy of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines demands much better service by those charged with the responsibility of marketing the sport of football, and no major injection of capital by FIFA will bring about the needed change unless those at the SVGFF are street smart to undertake the public relations needed.

Therefore, in light of the initial failure to market the tournament, the loss by Saint Lucia has become the gain of not just the football team but the SVGFF.

They must seize the moment. They must seize the opportunity granted them by a stroke of fate to redeem the public relations debacle so the confidence of the corporate citizenry and public of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines will be returned to them in the type of responses they critically need.


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