Emmanuel confirmed as Saint Lucia’s first Ambassador to Taiwan

Emmanuel confirmed as Saint Lucia’s first Ambassador to Taiwan
Hubert Emmanuel
Hubert Emmanuel
Hubert Emmanuel

Saint Lucia’s Ambassador to the Taiwan was named last week as the outgoing Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hubert Emmanuel.

The announcement was made Tuesday (October 6) by Taiwan’s new Ambassador to Saint Lucia, Ray Mou, at a special reception to mark Taiwan’s 104th national day.

Mr Emmanuel is a former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, who has headed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for some time now.

There was much speculation as to who would be the first Saint Lucia Ambassador to Taiwan, especially after a Saint Lucia embassy opened there recently.

Mr Emmanuel’s appointment follows an official diplomatic protocol that saw the two capitals agree on the timing of the announcements of their respective new ambassadors, in Castries and Taipei.

Mr Emmanuel is expected to take up his appointment in Taipei very soon.

The Governments announced their new ambassadors to coincide with the official celebration of Taiwan’s 104th national day.

Taiwan’s National Day is observed on the tenth day of the tenth month every year, with the event described there as “The Double-Ten Anniversary”.

The actual official observance in Taiwan was on Saturday, October 10 hosted in Taipei by President Ma Ying-jeou.

Saint Lucia was represented at the official state function in Taiwan by Education Minister Dr Robert Lewis.


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  1. This time is not jobs for the boys...but a recycled civil servant! Here's a bone from uncle Kenny boys, that should keep you'all quiet for now!


  2. I don't know this man personally. He may be quite a nice guy in person and maybe a hardworking and dedicated individual who has a very difficult job. That being said, I still remember this man giving a very poor representation of him on the issue of whether illegal Cuban immigrants were using St Lucian passports to enter the USA. I see his picture and there is an air of incompetence, laziness and pretentiousness to his demeanor. I surely hope I am wrong. I hope he does a great job over there and does not waste our tax money having a paid full time vacation in Taiwan. I hear Asian hookers can cloud one's judgment...(google Baron John Sewel)


    • I thought he was one of your boys, seems strange you would say that. If UWPs are also considered boys then I wonder what the problem is???


  3. The pool of people that the Labour Government has to select and fill meaningful positions is fast depleting. I share the sentiments of a previous writer; this man is just a waste of time. His best role is in Che Campeche. But what the heck....


  4. What happen to students who just graduated in Taiwan with their degrees in International Relations among other things? Can't they be given a chance?

    I need to ask a question....What qualifications are required for an ambassadorial appointments?

    As one senator put it..... "Cocktail Ambassadors"...SMH


    • I graduated with a degree in information technology but i have zero managerial experience..i should be minister of information technology. Lol. Im sure every government or company hires recent college grads with no experience to head departments.


  5. All of a sudden St. Lucia has become one big rumshop, where official communication as well as gutter politics are handled in the same manner. You would think that the appointment of this chap would be made officially in advance to the people since we have been asking who will it be?. But no it is made in Taiwan or by the Taiwaneese Ambassador. You would think that important matters of state such as IMPACS and negotiations with Unions and the state of the economy would be done officially!! Sorry, all such matters are addressed at the Market Steps.

    I am thinking, have we made a critical error of allowing pigs into our palace (parliament)?


  6. I don't know when politicians will learn that recycling public servants especially ones who have failed to perform their duties is not helping a nation. How do they select people for these positions I do not know...clearly performance is not one of the criteria....SMH!!!


    • I swear in my next lifetime I want to work in the Public Service. Isn't that the same guy who called a press conference to explain how 13 Cuban nationals ended up with St. Lucian Visas? Now this guy is going to represent us in Taiwain...Wow


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