Saint Lucia’s Ezra ‘D’funmachine’ Augustin delivered “impressive” act in Mr. Killa’s winning performance

Saint Lucia’s Ezra ‘D’funmachine’ Augustin delivered “impressive” act in Mr. Killa’s winning performance

(SNO) — Great. Brilliant. Multi-talented. Impressive.

These are some of the many words used to describe — on social media — the performance of Saint Lucian Ezra ‘D’funmachine’ Augustin, who opened the presentation of Mr. Killa’s ‘Run Wid It’ song performance in the Power Soca category of the International Soca Monarch competition held in Trinidad and Tobago over the weekend.

“For I am Ezra. I hail from the Kingdom of Jab,” were Augustin’s opening words, punctuated by his ‘deep’ voice, as he appeared on stage as a war commander of Mr. Killa’s Kingdom of Soca army.

Mr. Killa, of Grenada, went on to win the Power Soca Monarch title.

While the spotlight shone on another Saint Lucian, Teddyson John, for placing a creditable second in the Power Groovy category, Augustin also garnered a lot of accolades on social media from not only Saint Lucians, but persons across the region.

And this is no surprise as Augustin won Saint Lucia’s Power Soca Monarch title in 2014 with ‘Bacchanal Rampage’ and has featured prominently in subsequent local monarch competitions.

Ezra ‘D Fun Machine’ Augustin winning Power Soca Monarch in Saint Lucia in 2014

In 2017, he was named official brand ambassador for energy drink, Climax. According to a local brand representative at the time, “Ezra has proven himself to be a versatile, consistent artist, with an immense sense of pride and loyalty to his country… with his fun-loving persona”.

Well, it was all this immense energy that played a part in propelling Mr. Killa to the coveted international soca crown in Trinidad on Saturday morning, March 2, according to Augustin’s fans on social media.

Robin Smalls James joked that Red Unlimited Inc., owners of local carnival band, Red Carnival Band, “needs to give you a big cheque” for the “Persia promo” used in Mr. Killa’s presentation.

Vashti Dunrod said the overall performance “is electrifying on another level!!!!!” while Risha Sutton Walters described the opening act as a “great presentation! Love it!”

Donovan Denis wrote that it was “great” that Augustin was part of Mr. Killa’s winning performance, promising the young Saint Lucian artiste that “yours coming ee hmmm hmmmm we just waiting for d song to come”.

‎Natasha Queva‎ said: “Well done Ezra, your performance in Trini was brilliant. Congrats to Mr. Killer”.

“This boy so multitalented!! I tell you hollywood not ready,” said Davia Black.

Ezra Augustin performing in 2014

“Ezra D’funmachine Augustin you large,” said Nan GeePee.

Tej Albert added: “I want an acting GIG for my friend in law ih and this is no joke. The guy is damn talented!”

At the end of Saturday, it was Saint Lucia, through Ezra D’funmachine Augustin and Teddyson John, and the Grenadians that had everyone talking about international soca night in Trinidad.

Grenadians placed first and third in the Power Soca category and third in the Power Groovy category.


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  1. Thank you for acknowledging this impressive display of talent. Ezra is truly a force to be reckoned with. What a display of Caribbean unity! Job well done Ezra and congratulations to Teddyson John and Mr Killa!!! #758indabuilding


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