Saint Lucia’s emergency shelter staff get COVID-19 training

Saint Lucia’s emergency shelter staff get COVID-19 training
Maria Medard
Deputy Director of NEMO, Ms. Maria Medard

By Fernelle Neptune, Ministry of Health
(PRESS RELEASE) — The Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO), recently hosted a series of workshops with the island’s emergency shelters to instruct staff on how to deal with the new COVID-19 environment within the shelters.

Deputy Director of NEMO, Ms. Maria Medard, said the workshops help build the response capacity of emergency shelter staff, for effective prevention and control of COVID-19 at the shelters.

“We have had those sessions in four areas—La Clery, Choiseul, Micoud and at the Marigot Secondary School,” she said. “We chose those areas because we wanted to provide greater exposure to the support staff, and inform greater numbers of people about managing COVID-19 at an activated shelter.

Ms. Medard also expressed hope that the knowledge gained from training will positively impact the operations of shelters during COVID-19.

“We are hoping at the end of it, the support staff will have a greater awareness of how to handle shelters in this new environment of COVID-19. The aspect of safety first, safety for yourself and safety for your clients is important. So we felt that we should partner with the Ministry of Health in providing that form of education.”

The emergency shelter managers and support staff were also granted the opportunity to partake in a simulation exercise highlighting how to accept people into a shelter and what to do now with COVID-19.


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