Saint Lucia`s development of wind energy remains on course

Saint Lucia`s development of wind energy remains on course

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – The development of the island`s first wind farm earmarked for construction in Anse Cannot Dennery is still on stream.

The Project Developer Mr. Steve DeWolf of WindTex Energy recently visited Saint Lucia and held fruitful discussions with Minister responsible for Energy Honorable Stephenson King. The meeting provided a platform to discuss and resolve challenges and barriers to continued development of the wind farm. It was also an opportunity for Government to reaffirm its commitment to the development of wind energy.

A Cabinet Memorandum will be submitted and Government is considering land acquisition, concessions and other contributions for the advancement of the Project.

The Energy Minister has assured that Government will support the Project once it redounds to the benefit of the ordinary man.

Citizens can expect greater advancements in wind development in the coming year.


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  1. We need to firm up our industrialization in the tech sector to properly utilize the energy cost savings that should emerge. There is time to put all our ducks in a row.

    Coordination is key to successful implementation of this. Let's look at the BIG picture for a change. Our past history of SILO sectoral development, for example, computers to schools, but without any attention to education content or telecommunication support infrastructure, undermines greater effectiveness.


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