Saint Lucia’s appointed ambassador to Taiwan speaks mandarin – official

Saint Lucia’s appointed ambassador to Taiwan speaks mandarin – official
St. Lucia Prime Minister Kenny Anthony (left) and Foreign Minister David Lin. Taipei for the launch of St. Lucia's embassy in Taiwan.
St. Lucia Prime Minister Kenny Anthony (left) and Foreign Minister David Lin. Taipei for the launch of St. Lucia's embassy in Taiwan.
St. Lucia Prime Minister Kenny Anthony (left) and Foreign Minister David Lin. Taipei for the launch of St. Lucia’s embassy in Taiwan.

CHINA POST – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) is expressing hope that the St. Lucian ambassador to the R.O.C. will assume office next month after the ally government recently confirmed the appointment of the envoy.

The Caribbean ally has decided who will be the ally’s ambassador to Taiwan, Lino Cheng , deputy head of MOFA’s Department of Latin American and Caribbean Affairs, said yesterday at a news briefing.

The appointment had undergone internal procedures within the St. Lucian government including a review during a recent cabinet meeting during which authorities approved the assignment, he said.

However, the ally government has not yet officially informed the R.O.C. embassy in the country about the appointment, he said.

“We have to wait until they send an official letter to announce the appointment before our government can confirm the appointment,” he said.

Cheng disclosed that the ambassador is a male diplomat who had previously visited Taiwan for short term study. He can speak Mandarin Chinese, Cheng added.

Cheng expressed hope that the top envoy can officially assume his office in Taiwan next month.

The St. Lucian ambassador will be the first ambassador the ally has sent to Taiwan since the country recently opened its embassy in the R.O.C.

The Caribbean nation opened its embassy in Taiwan on June 4 as a concrete effort to show strong bilateral ties, making the R.O.C. the first country in Asia in which St. Lucia has established an embassy.

St. Lucia first established diplomatic ties with Taiwan in 1984, but switched recognition to China in 1997. In 2007, after 10 years of relations with Beijing, the then-ruling United Workers Party government renewed ties with Taipei after coming into office.

Meanwhile, regarding the recently-concluded state visit of Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez, Cheng said the ally president had a business opportunities briefing in Taipei to attract more Taiwanese investment to his country during his stay in Taipei on July 24 and 25,

Hernandez, who visited Taiwan for the first time under the capacity as president, also met with President Ma Ying-jeou and both sides signed a joint statement, Cheng said.

Asked to comment on whether there will be future cooperation between both sides, the MOFA official said the Honduran leader had ask Taiwan to assist with the nation!|s plan to become a regional logistic center in the Latin America and Caribbean area.

Related government authorities are still deciding on whether to place investment in the project, Cheng said.

According to MOFA, the state visit was part of the Central American leader’s Asia trip that also included Japan and South Korea. Taiwan was the last stop of his Asian visit.


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  1. Ooooh, the suspense continues! They just threw us another clue! Let me guess.
    1. It's a guy
    2. More than likely strongly connected to the ruling party
    3. Probably promised this job a while back so he learned Mandarin (gooood move)
    4. Just got a huge pay raise
    5. Probably won't have to worry about housing and transportation (in addition to pay raise)
    6. Will probably be able to retire early because he can save his entire salary (see 4 & 5)
    7. Will more than like have some time on his hands while he represents the 70 students we have over there right now (how much golf is played in Taiwan?)
    8. Will be praying his party stays in power to retain cushy job.

    Now who's the lucky guy!! Does it really matter? How many times do we have to go through these political appointments to know that our opinions don't matter? Oh well, have fun in Taiwan whoever you are!


  2. St Lucians are cowards over and over. Government is the cause of our problems and their mindless rhetoric only serves to further cast us into the pits of ignorance. Kenny ANthony is hell bent on his self serving interests while the real issues get swept under the rug. Politicians will always be politicians and it is the people who have to not only demand action from them but stand behind their will and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!! Over Zand over we see the blatant disrespect from ruling politicians of our intelligence, continued disrespect with all those pary ads on primetime television. Dont worry Kenny and Company your day will come when you will no longer be able to fool the people. Sacre Craponaise Ste Leciens.


  3. LOL. So the ambassador can speak Mandarin and thats his best skill. These slp people r something else. What is his name plz.


  4. Just another reason why any information the government of st. Lucia gives cannot be trusted. The goal post is always shifting and their agenda remains the same get us poorer than we already are. What are we paying for another beggar who will not even be able to bring back his salary farless opportunities for development. Our PM refuse to make it right with Taiwan after demanding that Tom chou is declared persona non grata and shold leaves St Lucia. Do you really believe that an embassy will gain you forgiveness for your undiplomatic behavior. Such an ungrateful irresponsible man leading a bunch of tight lip fools, who believes he is god's gift to St. Lucia. However we all should be praying for him because it seems he is a dictator in making and does not remember his promises to the nation but conveniently knows why another leader is bad for us. Give me a reason to trust a word the Government utters as I am aware who is fooling us into believing we have better days. Use that money to Build an new court house maybe it will work out for our benefit. Further if you love and care for us so much implement the United Nations Convention against Corruption which needs ratification to become law.


  5. All this could be out the door since elections is due in ROC in January 2016, and it is showing a clear victory in polls by the opposition. Wonder if KDA is aware and is hastily establishimg an embassy in order to secure a foothold in Taiwan? Shows how deparate we are in search of free money. Makes me think of what can happen with this Citizenship By Investment Programme which gives the Minister so much power. Tanto Tanto. We will hear all the scams after our elections. Wonder if is the Pitons or the Sulphur Springs this time we will hear that has already been sold. I mean this is not so far-fetched, imagine we leased our sea bed even without a CBI programme in place so could you imagine what could happen with one?


    • The opposition (in Taiwan) was in power when diplomatic ties with St. Lucia were restored. I don't really get your point...


      • I don't get your point either. Are you implying diplomatic relations are established between political parties as opposed to being between countries?


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