Saint Lucians want death penalty for Anella Wilson’s alleged killer, Ramah Williams

Saint Lucians want death penalty for Anella Wilson’s alleged killer, Ramah Williams

By MERRICK ANDREWS, Staff Reporter

(St. Lucia News Online) — Saint Lucians believe carrying out the death penalty for murderers is long overdue.

Though this outcry is nothing new, it was again fiercely expressed on social media following the arrest of the main suspect in the fatal shooting of Anela Wilson.

The 22-year-old Wilson, a resident of Marchand, Castries, was shot dead at Pigeon Point Beach, Gros Islet at about 10 p.m. on Sunday, July 12. At the time, she was reportedly attending a social gathering with a male companion who was also shot and wounded in the incident. He has since been released from the hospital.

Ramah Williams, who allegedly had a prior romantic relationship with Wilson, was arrested and charged on July 16 for murder in connection with her death and attempted murder in connection with the wounding of her male friend. A second individual was released from police custody without charge.

Anella Wilson

Williams has since been remanded to the Bordelais Correctional Facility after a court appearance. He is scheduled to return to the courts on September 9, 2020.

Since news of his arrest surfaced many persons have been advocating for his death on Facebook, though Williams is yet to go on trial and is innocent until proven guilty according to the legal system.

However, a blogger wrote that Williams does not deserve a trial.

“He needs to be executed. No trial needed, this MF needs to be used as a lesson for other punks out there that might have the idea of doing such merciless crimes,” one person wrote.

“St. Lucia this is so sad. The man needs to be hung by his f– balls,” another said.

Wasting hard-earned taxpayers’ money is not right for murderers, according to another person. Swift justice is best.

“He’ll sit in Bordelais and get fat on our hard-earned money? Where’s the justice? Why isn’t he on death row to be hanged by next week Wednesday in front of a crowd?? Sigh rip my girl.”

Someone responded: “WTF you talking about. When last you hear death sentence here in St Lucia, be pleased at least [he is caught].”

“Let’s hang once found guilty,” a male blogger commented.

Another asked: “So sad…why is he not on death row?” to which the response was: “He has not had a trial.”

Since Wilson’s murder, another woman was shot dead in Monchy, Gros Islet on Monday, July 20. Details of that crime are not yet available.

Saint Lucia has so far recorded at least 26 homicides, including two police shootings, according to media reports.


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