Saint Lucians urged to hold the UWP accountable


(PRESS RELEASE) – Concerned that our nation is headed down a slippery slope in terms of its economic prospects, compounded by the daily occurrence of violent criminal activities, social indiscipline and worries over whether our healthcare system is sufficiently equipped to deal with the needs of the sick and afflicted in our nation, the Lucian People’s Movement (LPM) has issued a call to Saint Lucia’s silent majority to wake up and finally become a part of the country’s political discourse.

In these current times of great despair and uncertainty, no right-thinking Saint Lucian should accept the status quo, which ostensibly implies that the responsibility of the Saint Lucian citizen is to simply cast a vote for competing political organisations in every election.

Our people cannot continue to suffer in silence for the duration of an entire five-year period as the inner circle of the governing party and the select few enjoy the spoils of victory without any concern for the ordinary Saint Lucian’s struggle to survive.

The LPM argues that inasmuch as both past and present elected officials are grossly responsible for our island’s economic paralysis and have contributed immensely to the rapid deterioration of the social and moral fabric of our nation, we, the wider population, must also accept our share of responsibility for remaining largely silent even as the country teeters on the brink of social and economic collapse.

When you cede the responsibility to protect your own future, and that of the country, to a handful of biased and self-interested political operatives or hacks who flood the airwaves and social media with messages that aim to convince you that what the United Workers Party (UWP) is delivering to our country is sufficient and that you should remain largely silent and count your blessings, then you have essentially accepted their dominance over your lives as well as the precarious direction in which the country is currently headed.

The LPM insists that there is a way out for Saint Lucia; however, this requires a conscious effort on the part of the silent majority who are embedded deep within the bosom of our nation to recognise the enormous power they wield. Moreover, unless they are willing to adopt an independent, liberated mindset and become capable of demanding a better quality of life for themselves and their children, then we are essentially doomed as a nation.

The LPM concludes that Saint Lucia needs a broader national agenda which promotes the inclusion of all Saint Lucians, thereby ensuring that our nation is capable of presenting a united front in tackling the myriad problems which we face. The way forward for our country cannot be a willingness to accept the UWP’s narrow agenda, its status as an exclusive club for the select few and its wish for the people of Saint Lucia to never discover how deficient it has been in its understanding of their suffering.

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  1. A saw as a party symbol? Man, that is so dumb. Jackass Looshans will accept any kind of political [email protected]!

  2. Can we start sewing the government for waste of our taxes favoritism etc. C'mon lawyers you stand to earn big with the money motive. You just need to sell a sort of class action model approach. Get 1000 fed up st Lucian to pay you $100 to represent their concern and you can also be our actually am serious.

  3. When will we ever learn? When? When will we learn that we cannot expect things to change if we keep re - electing and recycling the same incompetents (UWP/ SLP) over and over again? It just does not make sense. Whatever happened to the once critical and intelligent minds of St. Lucians?

    The LPM is the only flicker of hope left in St. Lucia!!

    • LPM? What!! Hope? LMAO

    • Get real. Saint Lucians ever since the creation of UWP from within the belly of the SLP, because SJC thought that he had a better way, place those two parties before a belief in God.

      It does not matter who is leader. To most Saint Lucians, you are born SLP or UWP. Pack a whole of dotards to run, the faithful will vote. Their lack of knowledge or deep incompetence will not matter. It is their party that will be in power.

      Foolish Saint Lucians are always greedy for political crumbs. They vote for stupid policies like STEP.

      They have no understanding or any appreciation for that other nonsense called ALBA-tross. SLP calls it ALBA.

      Shallow thinkers with only university credentials are curse and a pox on the face of this land. We have shifted from non-university poli-tricks, to university poli-tricks. As a country, we have not grown.

  4. Chastenet and FLOW in the same category...both must go to save our sanity!

  5. Useless call because as far as I know UWP has always been held accountable, even for things that they did not create. This political gesturing is neither here nor there. Where I may have a cause to blame them and hold them accountable it would be for not holding their predecessors accountable.

  6. You make a lot of noise for a one man political party. Don't give up your day job.

  7. Where he going

  8. If we don't watch it and CHANGE COURSE we'll end up like Dominica

  9. Prudent take hike.

  10. "Our people cannot continue to suffer for the duration of an entire five years period as the inner circle of the governing party and the selected few (CLIQUES) enjoy the spoils of victory without any concern for the ordinary St Lucians struggle to survive." The honeymoon over Lucians waking up. My only question is what was St Lucians expecting when they voted this man to power ? He is not a politician he is a hotelier/business man. Just like Trump he never gave a dam about poor people he will only care and hear the cries of a "certain" segment of the society he associates with primary those that are in business as himself those certain group of merchants and stake holders in the tourism industry. He built his empire on the backs of the poor and working poor St Lucian for years so Allen Chastanet. is just doing what he does best. He not worrying about crime it does not affect him or his family he will only give a dam when certain stakeholders complain about it.

    • We need a party without the Politrics because at the end of the day, they all come with empty pockets and leave with mansions and BMW's farms etc...

  11. The funny thing in local politics is that the same darn group at the head of the SLP that sank the economy into negative growth, are being given no attention at all. Tell us this. Is the LPM in cahoots with the SLP, so much so that it is happy to overlook that these failures are still at the head of that stupid old foggy party?

    Are we just to remain happy to recycle dinosaur politicians at every election cycle? It would seem that LPM, a political pressure group, that has been unable to win even one seat ever, endorses this foolishness, too.

  12. right now, i dont even care about party colour, bcuz when SLP was there is SHIT, UWP there and is SHIT, believe me LPM will come and will be same SHIT.
    Politics in St Lucia is jus too wasteful. i believe one of the only ways to hold these politicians accountable for the promises they made before elections, is to have another vote about 2years into a term, if we the people are not happy, the same way we vote you in, then we will vote you out. 4 years is too long to allow these politicians to rob the country .

    dont you people realise no matter which party is in power, the economy of St Lucia is not getting better. hmmm mayb we should live in a communist country cuz democracy is not working.

  13. The UWP has an agenda while the LPM remains enigmatic. When will you guys become something more than talkers? When will you realize once and for all the so-called silent majority have spoken loud and clear? The silent majority spoke on June 06, 2016, and decided who they wanted. Now the vocal minority would need to recognize and accept this statement and remain silent for at least the next five years.

  14. I am in full support the LPM's position on holding the flambeau government accountable. Anyone who do not agree with this can't claim they are interested in protecting their interest. In other words if they give you to eat sh.t just bite and swallow don't ask no question. How stupid can anyone be.

  15. Lucians too coward, backward, spineless, illiterate, they lack morals , values , principle and any will or fight to demand a better life , a better way forward for us as a nation. They would rather sit idle and accept what they're given, talk in rum shops and at their homes about the crap we getting from those so called leaders and not do anything when it comes to choosing wisely who they vote for and Protesting as a nation and as a majority instead of a mediocre minority of a 100 people . All they can think about is which politician will give me 100 dollars to buy rum and pay for my carnival costume. This is damn right true what is said in this article but to no avail cuz the people you're trying to reach (l.p.m) are lost . We will always be in this situation and it will get worst. The cost of living will become unaffordable and we as Lucian will struggle to buy food and pay for water and electricity. We will struggle to move about cuz the price of bus fares will reach sky rocket levels. When we grow our own food hurricanes and storms will come right back and destroy it. They concentrate on tourism alone like the jack $&@%# they are without thinking that every other country is going that route, these politicians lack vision, have not clue what the hell they doing . Making irrational decisions that continue to make our lives a waste, when no one travels as a tourist to st Lucia what becomes of the millions of hotels that they continue to open. Who's gonna fill the Rooms and where is occupancy coming from . We are domed because we never cared to make sure that these politician do what is needed for the country not what is needed for their friends family and allies to thrive. Which politician comes from they many years they spend in office without making sure their pockets are fat when they leave Helen of the west. We stick in that and I have to bear the price just like all of y'all who make those idiocltic mistakes of voting red and yellow ever damn time, and rushing to vote. There's not one arrest of any politician since the beginning of time . We hear it all the time about certain politicians using government funds for their own personal gain, they don't deny it , never take anyone to court for defermation of character and we never question that ? y'all lack substance y'all are devoid of character. Y'all sicken my guts man

  16. Time to go Flambeau. Imagine public servants go around selling government/country property in their work uniform. They are not perturbed as to who sees them selling what is not theirs. No accountability. This happens in the least expected places. Fire service for example. How can one just go about selling what is not rightfully theirs. Do your homework people. Who will guard the guards.

    • SLP did worse for the same length of time last time they were in power. The clock has not run out on them yet. It is not time to go. By the time they call elections there will be more educated people in the country. They will vote again with intelligence, and not with Red Kool Aid and STEP money.

  17. If you want to be elected you will not get any where with that it seem like you were paid by someone you sound so desperate

  18. Yes they should be. As well as the police and fire service and public service. Sometimes I am not sure if taxpayers are the ones paying those people's salaries considering the horrible service they give.

    • The strength is in the head ( the government). The same concept applies to our sole being ( we can do anything that we put our mind to do). The head should be strong enough to control the members and not the other way around. If there is corruption in the head.. what you think wil happen to the other parts?

  19. Well said my brother
    Chastanet MUST GO

  20. Hear BLOODY Hear!

    Our "Honourable Not Too Bright PM" and silent Cronies need to know that the MASSES have NO CONFIDENCE (inc UWP supporters) in their direction and or Governance.

    The CEOs of failing businesses get sacked.

    PM you're FAILING miserably in running the country like business. You're inviting the liquidators.

  21. nobody is to hold account for the country .....whether it is slp uwp lpm nobody....if u read the bible clearly state these things would happen we will begin to see some strange things....the time is near...take not .....our hearts are just to hard full of hatred thing now is to repent and give our life to god....

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