Saint Lucians urged to consider social distancing, avoid panic in face of coronavirus

Saint Lucians urged to consider social distancing, avoid panic in face of coronavirus

(SNO) – With two positive cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) on the island and with the virus blossoming around the world and the region, Saint Lucians are being asked to consider social distancing as a way of reducing its spread.

They are also being told to avoid panicking, to be prepared, aware, and be proactive.

The advice is coming from Family Life Educator in the Bureau of Health Education Naomi Grandison.

She explained what she meant by social distancing.

“We are encouraging persons in the case of an outbreak to practice social distancing and what this means is that you should avoid places where you are going to be in close contact with others, where there are many people,” she stated.

Such places include the gym, churches, even the supermarket.

“So, we are basically encouraging persons to do that because if someone is infected and they sneeze or they cough or they spit out in public, these droplets can rest on surfaces and you, in turn, can touch it and then touch your eyes, nose and mouth.” Grandison said.

She said residents should not panic but always be prepared in case there is an outbreak.

“We are advising the public to avoid panicking but to remember that preparation is key in the case of an outbreak,” she stated. “For instance, you should stock up like in the case of preparing for a hurricane. So persons who are taking prescription medications they should stock up and get at least a month supply of that; have enough water, enough food at home, have games for the children, stock up on mask and gloves in case somebody gets sick cause that is when you really need it and any other items that come to mind. For instance, bleach would also be a very important one, hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol. So, just prepare because panicking in itself can have a negative impact on your immunity.”


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