Saint Lucian’s show neighborly love in partnership with Seventh Day Adventists for Harvest In-Gathering

Saint Lucian’s show neighborly love in partnership with Seventh Day Adventists for Harvest In-Gathering
Ps. Lucius Philip
Ps. Lucius Philip

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – In tandem with what is undeniably a universally upheld Bible based Golden rule, the Harvest Ingathering Campaign, hosted annually by the Seventh Day Adventist Mission is set to empower all to love their neighbours as themselves.

The initiative, as with all others put forth by the denomination, finds its basis in another well loved and universally applicable principle: LOVE. As such, the Harvest Ingathering campaign involves targeted efforts by church members in which they call upon fellow Saint Lucians to open up bowels of mercy, kindness and compassion, in loving care for the less fortunate among us. This yearly initiative of the Seventh-day Adventist church will this year run from February 10th 2018 and, will last through to April 28th.

With the Seventh-day Adventist church’s Community Services department already providing many communities island-wide with hot meals weekly, elderly care and responding to natural disasters, Community Services Director and Mission Officer with special responsibility for the campaign, Pastor Lucius Philip, is zealous about the upcoming project. Unabashedly, he describes it as “an invaluable tool for alleviating the plight of poor and needy in our midst.”

More critically however, is what he affirms is an equally urgent need for all to strive toward a situation where, like Jesus, professed Christianity and well-wishers invest in and champion not only spiritual needs but also physical needs.

Pastor Philip is calling upon the general public to support this year’s ingathering campaign by giving generously to the various solicitors who will have their ingathering cards and calendars. He believes that whatever one can give will go a long way in helping to alleviate the plight of the poor and dispossessed.


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  1. Pastor Lucius Philip you are indeed a man of God: I really appreciate what you are
    doing, it is a lot more than what the old and great denominations have ever done.
    Go out and reach out to the people; reach them where they are with the Love of
    Christ, the Lord himself being with you, great is thy faithfulness, and blessings abound
    You are on the right side of Heaven: teach those who are faithfully with you and let
    us strive to remove the schism between the denominations. Blessings to you Sir.


  2. I hope each pastor, including the rape pastors, give a good portion of their very significant salaries, especially since they also get other allowances with their salaries while church members struggle on next to nothing. The church of the New Testament, the times of the early apostles, had no want among them as they shared all things in common, but pastors today along with their flock hide in their big houses with extra rooms while members of their own church catching their royals.


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