Saint Lucians plan to protest Sammy’s sacking, boycott games

By SNO Staff

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A protest is being organised by a group of Saint Lucian men and women in light of the West Indies Cricket Board’s (WICB) decision to drop Saint Lucia-born Darren Sammy as captain of the regional team.

St. Lucia News Online (SNO) understands that persons are seeking out avid cricket fans to join them in the protest scheduled to take place on Tuesday, August 9, 2016, at the stadium named in his honour.

“Saint Lucians are asked to come and show support to the former West Indies Cricket team captain, Darren Sammy, who was slacked off from the team as captain and replaced by Carlos Brathwaite, ” a statement being circulated on social media said.

The protest, according to that statement, starts at 10.a.m. and will most likely coincide with scheduled third test match between West Indies and India.

Although ticket prices have been reduced, many Saint Lucians have also expressed a willingness to boycott the games, following the announcement that Sammy’s firing.

“Calling all St. Lucian’s to boycott the games coming up next week. We not interested, that’s why Reds and the others have been crying on the media, asking persons to attend the games in large numbers. Some St. Lucian’s “Sousea” they will flood the Stadium but not me. This is the first cricket game I’m not attending since international Cricket started in St. Lucia. I will not miss this game!! When I am not going my friends are not coming as well, as of Friday 5th, 4:00pm (43) of us have decided not to attend the games and the rest of the crew will follow the leader!!, “Clare Emmanuel said in a Facebook post.

Sammy, an all-rounder cricketer, has been one of the most successful leaders of the West Indies cricket team in all three formats of the game.

He was previously relieved of duty as captain of the Test and one-day international teams over the past two years, but in 2012 and 2016, he led the Caribbean outfit to glory in the International Cricket Council World Twenty20 Championships, the only captain to lift that trophy twice.

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  1. I know Sammy personally and I have played cricket with him from secondary school days. I had a discussion with a friend who also has played cricket with him from that time onwards .After the T20 world cup victory we sharesd a sentiment that it was the biginging of the end for Sammy as a West Indies Player because he had poor performances on a personal level. He also did not feature in the IPL that very summer. Remember he made a statement to the like that It might be his last time in West Indies colors during his speech after the world cup victory. It was written in the stars but I disapprove of the manner it was done. He should have been given one more T20 tournament and the decision should have been made then. As per the boycott, we should be logical and not emotional beacuse West Indies Cricket needs to continue with or without Sammy. West Indies Cricket board also should improve the way they deal with their players especially when they are out of contention. I think its the lack of respect we as black people have for each other thats causing PR disasters such as this and those oof the past. LEt us show respect to each other as BLACK people.

  2. When our current PM forgets his data when responding to spontaneous questions some St.Lucians get so vex that they say he should be fired because he not fit to be PM.

    Now when WICB say they have fired the Captain (Sammy) because he is not good enough and not fit to be on WI T20 team some St.Lucians say forget it and don't be vex; let him go back and learn.

    Well I say some St.Lucians really "back to front"!!

  3. I see people talking about the selector Browne and Bajan this, Bajan that but wunna like wunna forget how Sammy became captain in the first place. Pure, rank insularity by the Lucians running the board at the time (Hunte and Hilaire) and a desire to punish Chris Gayle.

    Sammy could not even hold a place on the squad then nor was he ever a great tactician. On the face of it he did not deserve to be skipper back then.

    But from bad intentions came a great skipper. But you would be lying if you said that was expected then. It was just Hunte Hilaire and oh yes Emmanuel deciding it was 'small island time now' and every Windward player they could squeeze in, they did.

  4. Y'all wait too late. Truth be told you should have protested years ago when they unceremoniously removed him as test and ODI captain so Cameron could reward the Trinis that (then) backed him in the WICB president race.

    That turned out to be an utter disaster as the same Trini captain led the protest in India that almost cost the board millions. But anyone in their right mind could have told them it was foolishness to appoint a man-child like Dwayne Bravo and a petty note-waver like Denesh Ramdin over Sammy.

    The disrespect of Sammy started long time.

  5. But St Lucians have never gone to test cricket anyhow - from the very first test. How will they even be able to tell it's a boycott?

  6. Chris Gayle Will Go For "O" (Duck) In Sabina Park. Where His fortress is in his home country Jamaica and the Jamaicans will still clap and cheer for him like he had just hit a century. It all comes down to support. Even if they didn't want Sammy to be the captain anymore they could've send him off properly have him play his final matches in the upcoming T20 against India in Fort Lauderdale. At present as it stands the WICB is a Joke

  7. Thats what happens when you rename the Grounds and not the stands.

    St. Lucians need to look at the bigger picture, what is this test match worth to our country?. Let us put Sweet Lucia first.

  8. Boycotting the games is too short term. It's time to think of forming our own squad "OECS-W.I.". We have enough good players now and our "small island" players will get a fair chance of competing internationally. The OECS secretariat should be given the responsibility to oversee this transformation.

    The West Indies Cricket Board has always been unceremonious with their cricket captains; Richards, Haynes, Lara, Chanderpaul, Gale and now Sammy.

    Let's leave this continually failing cricket environment and form our own!!

  9. When almost the entire world was protesting Apartheid in South Africa, West Indies went and played for 30 pieces of silver...nuff said!

  10. This is indeed a time to be patriotic... Let us come together and support our own in a civilized democratic way... my brother we are with you..


  11. I dont have a problem with the sacking but the man in which it was done. Less than 30 seconds call. I saw that coming long. Bajans dont like sum from since his first world cup victory. Now courtney brown is head of selectors i guess he is a bajan. N new captain a bajan. Bajan just want bajan to b in charge. Look at the trident. Pollard is captain. The talk in barbados was y cant a bajan b captain of the trident. So i guess now its y cant a bajan b captain of the wi. If we can recalled wat that biard did to richards, lara, sarwan, chandapaul. So i wasnt surprise when sammy was given the same treatment. They gave sammy a job to lead the team . didnt he do that by wining the world cup. Thats the happiest wi have been in a while under sammy captaincy.

  12. from the man himself, darren sammy is not west cricket and west indies cricket is not darren sammy , he's moved on :::::

  13. Will be boycotting!

  14. "The Watcher" interesting point of view. You took into considerations the facts and how people could resolve issues without outright hurtful defiance. We agree that the Board has its issues but the facts still remain:

    1. Does Sammy's performance for West Indies merit a place on the team?
    2. Does the position of captain merit such significance as to ignore the personal performance of any player?

    Maybe its time that the Board start using some scientific method of analysis to answer these questions as proceeding on the current path will always attract controversy. The problem in this part of the world is that people who entrusted with power to make decisions enjoy making them, however, they think little of finding or giving plausible reasons for arriving at such decisions. The same with the majority of posters on this forum, they think only emotionally at the expense of truth which is key to solving real issues which are essential for our survival.

  15. I suspect some of us lucians are forgetful or if its just lucians always putting others beore their own,let me enlighten some of you ,did url remember once there was a boycott of a test match in barbados because they didnt select a bajan on the west indies team so whats wrong with us protesting.Where is our minister of sport,president of the st.lucia cricket association,brian calixte these are the ones upfront encouraging this protest

  16. Told you so a long time ago. He had enough time to improve his performance. Let us Boycott the IPL too. That is so SLP and not representing or reflecting St Lucians as a whole. SLu people don't even follow one day far-less test. They love the T20 lime and not the game. So up coming test will always look like a boycott. Encourage Sammy to improve his performance instead. He is still young.

    • Idiot... Sammy was not sacked because of his performance, he was sacked because he exposed the WICB after they won the T20. If you don't know don't give input. In other words, have several seats!!

    • very good captain ,did not perform with the ball or bat.There is no spot on the team for a captain who cannot perform with the ball or bat.

  17. Amazing Lucian unity....Dude asks, "What's my benefit "

  18. Not sure if boycotting the game will help but anyway he is the best captain. Just have a look how negative Jason Holder is.

  19. This proposed protest because of Sammy sacking is a nonsense. Patriotism , is noble , however realism should be applied in this situation. As much as we Lucians love and admire Sammy in reality his form does not justify selection in any sphere of international cricket .We were fortunate to have him as skipper and as a proud Lucian it was one of my sporting highs, but as cricket fan I realise that his time is up.
    So I say Lucians get over it ,I am sure due to his inspiration another son of the soil will rise to representing our Island at cricket in the future.
    Rally round the West Indies.

    • And if he was sacked on that basis we would all agree. Since he wasn't.. maybe you should speak on the issue at hand.

    • Mr Blake, i could not have said it better, in addition Sammy himself knew that his time is up. Very, very proud of the guy, put st lucia on the cricketing map. His performance does not merit selection.

    • i concur with your statement leon blke. while i agree darren has done well. I believe its time for me to sit back at least for a short while and do some self reflection . Maybe the board foresee that his head was already becoming too big for his body and he need to sit back and reflect.

  20. Some of my people never support their own . If it Jamaica they would support their own .

  21. For those how say Sammy under perform wit bat and ball let me say one thing Sammy's job was to Lead and that he did with distinction as a Kittitian and a proud Caribbean man I say well done Darren. The problem fir me is as a race of people why is our fight always with us . May God continue to bless you and your family Darren Sammy

    • Sammy has been under performing and he does not warrant a place on the team. Players don't get hired to simply captain a team. What the he!! are you smoking in St. Kitts? I'll list some teams and their captains so you can see a familiar pattern.

      Barcelona: Iniesta
      Portugal: Cristiano Ronaldo
      Wales: Gareth Bale
      France: Zinedine Zidane
      Warriors: Steph Curry
      Bulls: Michael Jordon

  22. There are very few persons who take up the post of captaincy and for their individual performances not to suffer. So stop being bias and hypocrite about the mans individual performance. His records shows that h has lead the team well. For years we were searching for a good leader now that we have found one he is to much....... you all know well if you are truly cricket lovers. It should be about West indies cricket and the way forward. But we small minded people can not comprehend beyond we chose not to look out side the box. And another thing I would like to add when was the last time a captain stood up against the wicb for the betterment of his players. The man came out and spoke the trueth and for that he was not only fired but lost his place on the side. We ought to be more grateful. Otherwise we would have had a different history.

    • Yes eh spoke the truth and will support him for what he said against the Board. But the truth is he has not been producing as a player. Teams don't hire players solely to be the captain. The captain's job is to execute the coach's orders. Any decent person can do that. Players are hired to play and the good ones become captain.

      I can give you a terribly long list of captains that prove the exact opposite of the nonsense you're saying. I'll leave this here.

      Barcelona: Iniesta
      Portugal: Cristiano Ronaldo
      Wales: Gareth Bale
      France: Zinedine Zidane
      Warriors: Steph Curry
      Bulls: Michael Jordon
      Argentina: Lionel Messi

  23. Many St Lucians have no sense of patriotism. If it was Bajan or Trini that was fired with no real justification, i could assure you that their government and fellow citizens would rally around them and do whatever it takes to let their voices heard. But St. Lucians have also been a people who are selfish, they care only about themselves, they lack any sense of patriotism, they have no pride as a nation, they do not give a damn about what happened to their fellowmen. So because of this I guarantee you that there will not be a total boycott of this match. Many St. Lucians will turn out on this field. I am not St Lucian but this is my observation about St Lucians.

    • And that's the problem with you myopic people. What's the point of patriotism if it inspires mediocrity? You are not doing anyone any favours by following anyone blindly. Sammy is a good captain and nothing else. A team needs 11 PERFORMING players. Why do you think this country is in a mess and will continue to be in a mess. We blindly follow political parties and don't put the greater good first. This is the same thing you are proposing in this situation.

  24. When you protest by boycotting this upcoming test match and you don't get choice cricket matches again for a while blame yourself. Darren Sammy is only great to you all because he is the only one from your country to achieve what He did. He is not better than Sir Viv,The great Brian Lara Desmond Haynes Gordon Greenidge, so suck it up and move on, and I make no apologies.

  25. Sammy make all his millions n never give a cent back to lucians......i never hear him sponsor a sick child going overseas for treatment or give 5 computers to his past school. Why shud we protest for him....Nonsense. im going to my games. I respect sammys contribution but all things are due to end.wicb pls do not bend for this nonsense. One month later lucians will get over this.

  26. In typical Lucian fashion we seem to act without due consideration to the possible outcomes of our actions. So... we may be unhappy with the WICB decision to sack Sammy; but what would be the better form of protest to effectively cause the WICB to consider a reversal of their decision?
    1. To boycott the match held in Saint Lucia may appear as a very good idea, given the possibility of coverage by the international sports press. Great idea; but consider that if as a consequence of such a boycott, the revenue inflows are so dismal that that becomes an embarrassment for the venue... what would that mean for Saint Lucia hosting future test matches? Would the current boycott be a factor when the WICB is planning future contests, and possibly resulting in may be, just maybe we are bypassed?
    2. Attend the match in large numbers and be fully supportive of the WI Team, but appear in printed T-shirts and placards for the international press to be made aware of our displeasure with the decision of the WICB. Be prepared to draw the attention of their cameras and interviewers to make your positions known.
    In that way you (a) preserve the financial viability of future events at the grounds and (b) your displeasure with the WICB is given coverage which may have the desired effect.

  27. Pure nonsense...... Protest the unemployment situation, protest the corrupt politicians, protest the over five hundred unsolved murders ......... Stanford made Daren sammy a millionaire...he's currently in jail. St Lucian...

  28. And it will!!

  29. I support the protest, count me in.

  30. concerned foreign citizen

    The game must go on. We need the money to paint and maintain the stadium. There are other opportunities for Darel e.g County cricket in the UK, trainer etc.

  31. Anyone who understands and knows the history of WI cricket knows that it's not black and white as the board wants you to believe. Sammy was relieved as the the test and odi captaincy and now the T20. Brought in to do the dirty work and now he is treated like dirt. Some speak of merit. Which WI test cricketer would fit into any top side in world cricket barring t20.T20 is the only thing we have won for a long time. Anyone who diminishes the captains role doesn't understand cricket. Motivation, setting fields, tactics, bowling changes. The difference between a victory or a defeat can be a slip, a bowling change, a dropped catch. His comments supposed up the process but he was always going to be kicked out.

  32. WICB= West Indies Cameron Board and that's the crux of the problem.

  33. Did West Indies win the last test match?
    Can't blame Sammy for that.
    Why sack the man before the test match in his home country when you did not even plan to play him. Could have had him play the test match and during that time speak to him in person and let him go. I am sure all the selectors are travelling to watch the games.
    Piss poor management.
    Nothing wrong in changing captains. This was nothing more than Han a malicious and childish way to dismiss a member of your staff.

    Everyone has a choice to protest or not. Some can protest outside, some inside. A combined effort would be good. The selectors don't care because they may just deny Stlucia another test. They have nothing to lose in their mind.

    Perhaps it's time for island states to build their individual international teams. There may not always be victory but many persons who would never get a chance on the West Indies team can get a chance to play.
    Look at Bermuda, 60 population and they did it.
    We can focus on T20 and one day and then progress to test. Stlucia vs West Indies would be a nice match.

  34. I totally support the boycott. The sacking of Sammy is not my main reason supporting the boycott, though I believe it was spiteful. However my main reason is the lack of respect for St Lucians. Having said that, I would like to sympathize with Reds who have done everything possible to encourage St Lucians to go the game. He and his efforts were nullified by the idiots at WICB. How can the WICB make such decision just before the ZOUKS CPL playoff games and the international test match WI vs India to be played in St Lucia at the Darren Sammy ground? Was the decision to info Sammy just before the Zouks CPL game, a deliberated attempt to disturb his concentration so that he would not perform as the good captain he is, and the team looses? The CPL being won by Sammy would have made it almost impossible for the WICB to sack him. That is disrespecting the people of St Lucia.

    We are going back to the BIG ISLAND/SMALL ISLAND time? Sammy, as captain, has brought a gleam of light back into West Indies cricket by winning these T20 world Cup . Now the BIG ISLAND boys who were scared of the captaincy when West Indies cricket was in the gutters, are back.

  35. Don't give this "arrogant", "vindictive", "small-minded" and "immature" WICB your hard earned money St. Lucians. Stay away from the stadium. Make your voices heard by protesting outside the stadium but DO NOT GO INSIDE!!!

    • To hell with Sammy.......y'all stupid if y'all want to boycott games for Sammy
      He ever help anybody.....making money is not bout liv8nh large ....u n ur family... Its about making a differeñce in the lives of others.pulling others up. Ask yourselves all those wanting to protest.... Has Sammy pulled any one else up. has he contributed to a sock child needing treatment overseas.....noooooo. Let Sammy enjoy his money and try and make yours.

  36. I dont understand some people. So the man was sacked. Is he the first person to have been sacked from a job? Is he the last person? so what is the fuss? Whether the WICB is out of control or not I dont think that any of the St Lucians associated with it at CEO level did it any favours. They brought more disrepute to the board than anything else. When Chanderpaul who at one point was captain got dismissed by the Lucian ego-maniac for little to no reason where was the outcry from St lucians then? Did they march for justice then? Stop for a minute and think and put your feelings aside. As disgusted as Sammy was with his board he should not have denounced them publicly. And I can guess he did it with the help of his side-kick who was kicked out from the board for arrogance and mishandling of players.

  37. That would not change a thing ... What about all the other captains that were sacked previously. When Sammy making his money you benefiting from it. He looking after his family and home. St Lucians always there with some stupidity. Give me a break tun!

  38. Souseas.. That's y we will always be last . We never support our own. You know y they not caring Cuz they jealous he makes more monet than them . Ridiculous. Trinidad called us banana Republic and the time of Hurricane thomas karma pets ad their then pm said she not supporting us. Yet we still buy trinidad products. And grow the idiots countries. Barbados just stated in a recent article that they were imposing quotas on non local products. Go there and see if any of our products on their shelves. Fools we must stand togethe and protest.

  39. we have seen captains come and go .......sammy being dropped as W.I t20 captain not gonna make me boycott the test match ........sorry to say

  40. I'm St.Lucian, I have a voice too. I'm not planning to boycott the match.

    • Think the whole thing is stupid. Yes the St.Lucians will come out but how many Caribbean countries are there? Die hard crickets fans won't be protesting. There has been bigger names than Sammy who's had the same treatment. Life goes on so will the WICB. Soon when all this die down and forgotten about apart from Lucia, Sammy will be history like the others.
      This March is going to prove nothing .

    • ..........

      Disappointed August 5, 2016 at 4:49 PM
      In support for our fellow son on the soil, ALL st.lucians should boycott the game as a sign of protest. Sammy has made the WICB look good! A bunch of A...holes!

      (214) (22)
      Reply ↓

      That up there are my sentiments exactly. Those with just two clanging noiseless powder puffs and no balls always take insults from slime-balls in three-piece suits like emancipation day ex-slaves.

  41. What's my benefit....

    • Tell them that again!! What are we benefitting from this, some Lucian just stupid

    • And you are part of what is wrong with St. Lucia. Yours is the kind of attitude that ensures that corruption and nepotism continue in political office and other areas. Sad that this myopic thinking is still prevalent.

  42. Why was Sammy removed? Is it valid that he has under performed both with bat and ball for the West Indies? Yes. So why the protest?

    • Part of his dismissal was because he acted unprofessional by telling and shouting out to the media on TV worldwide the issues he was having with the WICB instead of handling it in private behind close doors.
      He has himself to blame. No one is indispensable. Always remember where you come from and be humble and don't let your position get to your head.

  43. the game must go on


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