Saint Lucians called upon to fast in lead up to independence

Saint Lucians called upon to fast in lead up to independence
Husbands-Mathurin at a recent press conference
Husbands-Mathurin at a recent press conference

(SNO) — With Saint Lucia gearing up to celebrate 40 years of independence, residents are being called to fast and pray for the nation.

The call is coming from Rosemary Husbands-Mathurin, chairperson of the independence sub-committee responsible for faith-based groups.

She said churches, faith-based groups and religions organizations have put together what is described as a “comprehensive” prayer program for Saint Lucia, and a 40-day fasting event has already started.

“It all started on January 13 with a 40-day prayer and healing for the nation which will end on February 21,” Husband-Mathurin explained. “Forty is known to be significant for biblical reasons and so we are calling on the nation to join us in fasting. And there are various ways one can fast during this period, not just the complete abstaining from food.”

Some of the other prayer activities will include various faiths engaging in prayer, some in English and Creole, until independence.

Each morning until independence, various faiths will engage in prayer, in English and Creole, prayer and worship at various squares and open spaces across the island; a prayer train was started island-wide on January 26; and an ecumenical service at five locations on February 17. The governor-general, parliamentarians, and other dignitaries will be invited to attend the services. An all-night vigil was held on February 1.

The theme for this year’s celebration of independence is “All In, Our Journey, Our Future” but organizers of the faith-based programs have come up with a sub-theme.

“‘It is our Nation, our Journey Come Thus Far by faith’ and we will have various banners around the island proclaiming this,” Husbands-Mathurin explained.

Saint Lucia celebrates its independence on February 22.


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  1. Do you honey rain or shine I having a roast on the beach never the less nothing wrong with asking God to deal with these dutty politicians that selling out our country JAH send little brimstone and fire please


  2. Is this supposed to heal the nation of crime and crooked politicians and cops. Y’all fooling youeselves prayer doesnt work.


  3. she not ashamed? she need to fast the fat off her! stop with recycling those old wannabes in st lucia!
    they come up with wash-up and moronic ideas!


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