Saint Lucians are too obsessed with fried foods, salt and sugar (letter)

Saint Lucians are too obsessed with fried foods, salt and sugar (letter)

Dear St. Lucians: What are we doing to ourselves and our children?

Most of us start the morning with fried chicken, fried fish, salt fish and bake, which we down with a cup of local juice filled with sugar, or a coke.

If we can afford them, then an alternative for our children are sugar-filled cereals.

We have vendors at our schools peddling sweets and highly-salted snacks to our children. Head teachers please take control of your schools!

What is the obsession with fried foods, salt and sugar? Are we not aware that we are killing ourselves and our children?

We live in a country where the average waist size of our population is increasing and diabetes and high blood pressure are prevalent. Limbs are being cut at an alarming rate and obesity, our new friend, is settling in to our homes.

We don’t walk. Everywhere is too far. People our island is tiny! Put on a hat and walk!

KFC, Domino’s, Haagen-Dazs, to name a few, all contribute to this national catastrophe. Use them for special occasions only!

There is no health care on our island. PEOPLE WHAT ARE WE DOING????

— Concerned


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  1. Everyone’s excuse to eat like crap is that the price of food is to high. Grow your vegetables, there’s no reason why we should be importing veggies. Some of the fruits need to be imorted and the government should not implement taxes on these food that can’t be grown in st lucia. Just my opinion.


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