Saint Lucian youth leader returns from UN youth conference

Saint Lucian youth leader returns from UN youth conference
Justin (left) and another participant.
Justin (left) and another participant.

PRESS RELEASE – Ms. Dianthea Justin successfully participate in the UN WCDRR Children & Youth Forum from March 11th to March 18th in Sendai Japan.

Ms. Justin describes her experience as a very interactive, effervescent well informative forum, she was able to use her strengths, skills and ability confidently to lead change, meanwhile learning and equipping herself with DRR tools to become a local resilience leader.

One of the outcome from this forum was for participants to develop an action plan project to better educate and involve young persons in Disaster Risk Reduction Project.

Ms. Justin’s objective is to implement this plan in her community of Barre Denis and Barre Du Chaussee, where she serves as Team Leader for the Barre Du Chausse Community Disaster Risk Reduction Team.

Ms. Justin has seen it fitting to compose a report on the outcome of the Children & Youth Forum , which will include her action plan and other recommendations , which will be given to relevant stake holders.

Ms. Justin is exceptionally grateful to the  MINISTRY OF YOUTH DEVELOPMENT & SPORTS for their generous support and to the SOUTH CASTRIES YOUTH COUNCIL, family and friends for their dedicated support and for giving her such an extraordinary learning experience.


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