Saint Lucian youth appeals for financial assistance to complete pilot training

Saint Lucian youth appeals for financial assistance to complete pilot training
Tevin Belasco
Tevin Belasco
Tevin Belasco

A Saint Lucia-born youth who now resides in the United States, is seeking the public’s help in raising funds to offset training to become a licensed commercial pilot.

Tevin Belasco, who was born and raised in Piat Grand Rivere, Gros Islet said he developed a passion for aviation at the tender age of five-years-old and has never stopped dreaming ever since.

Belasco, who is now 23-years-old, said he did everything possible to be around aspiring individuals in the aviation field which includes volunteering during my summer breaks and on weekends at the airport.

The Saint Lucian youth left his homeland in 2015 with the hope of pursing this dream, but realised that it would cost him and his family a whole lot to undertake this course.

“A brief visit to Atlanta GA turned into an unscheduled trip to Falcon Aviation Academy, where I toured the facility and obtained in depth knowledge as to how the courses were set up,” he said.

His family pooled together their financial resources to assist Belasco, who enrolled at the academy and moved towards obtaining his private pilot’s license and is currently on the instrument rating.

Belasco said he is one step closer to realizing his dream, but noted that paying for commercial flight hours is not easy and he is asking for help.

“I have passed all my exams up to this point and I am ready to build my commercial hours. This is why I need the money, to complete my commercial training. I need the finances as soon as possible.”

Here is a breakdown of the cost for remaining courses:

  1. Time Building $20,000
  2. Single Engine Commercial $8,000
  3. Multi- Engine Commercial $5,100
  4. Certified flight Instructor (CFI) $5,500

Total $38,600

These prices are all subject to change, based on fuel cost.

Persons willing to assist Belasco can do so by clicking HERE


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  1. Tevin just know that you have people praying for you. The journey is difficult but you will make it. I will definitely donate and encourage others to do so.


  2. Aaawww.u made us proud.u've always always wanted to become a pilot and we never ever doubt u.because that passion was truly deep within.i pray to God Almighty that u do receive the finances that u need and that u would be able to represent our little island.u are a true role model and indeed a great inspiration to others.Good luck in your endeavors and always remember that in whatever you do Put God First.please im asking that we stretch a helping hand that his dreams would become a reality .once again,we're proud of u,and how far u've come.Dont give up.Keep moving forward.Success is not negotiable,But Failure Is Not An Option.with love....ur Family


  3. Tears tears so touching congrats to you on your future endeavor all the best I believe you are going to make it and keep on striving. They never gave any information as to an account number or family member who is going to collect the money . Agouti look back our phrase back then . I have your back 100.


  4. st. Lucians aren't paying for a pilot?

    What use is that to us young man? We have so many young pilots here and over seas.

    Take a loan if its that serious.

    So many people are trying to pursue their dreams...

    Join the air force and become a pilot for free.


  5. I often think that these kinds of "Gofundme" appeals should be tempered with some indication of how the recipient will or plans to pay it forward. That would create a continuous and sustained groundswell of support for this and other ventures.


  6. bloody hell man are those fees in us dollars, if it takes so much to get mate to become a pilot i wonder what his pay will be like when he is one , mama thats alot of smakaroues , am hoping he makes it he seems smart


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