Saint Lucian writer to release ‘Grapefruits at $5’

Saint Lucian writer to release ‘Grapefruits at $5’

PRESS RELEASE – Saint Lucian writer Juelle P Cadette, will be releasing her latest work of short fiction ‘Grapefruits at $5’ on her website, A Story about Everything on Monday.

The writer, who regularly releases original short stories online, has already been receiving much praise for the picaresque styled story.

Cadette, a Social Media marketer and former TV presenter, has often credited her love for writing to her father, and her mother who is also a published author. A voracious reader, Juelle is currently working on her first anthology using Saint Lucia as a central theme. In addition, she is also very vocal about wildlife conservation.

Soaring across the beautiful wilderness of Myanmar to its principal city of Yangon, Grapefruits at $5 is a story of courage, love and perseverance. Now an orphan after losing his home and family to a natural disaster, Pha is forced into the Tetmadaw, Myanmar’s military of child soldiers. His refusal to accept this new life of murder and warfare sets him on a path where he meets up with an unlikely companion, Cho. As they make their way towards Yangon, their strengthening bond is tested.

Gyanchand Rayman, award winning author and poet, has said, “Grapefruits at $5 is a story of adventure which teeters on the brink of tragedy. It tells of a young boy who, out of compassion for another, chooses to be his ‘brother’s keeper.’ Masterfully told, this story will win your admiration for the young hero.”

unnamedWith over 2500 views, Juelle’s most read story, Where was La Reine born, and The Mental State of Love are both available for purchase through Amazon. The first five hundred sales [each] will be donated to the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) to help with conservation initiatives around the world.

Other stories can be found here for free:

For booking presentations, media appearances or interviews, please contact Juelle here: [email protected]


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