Saint Lucian teen swimmer eyes selfie with British Olympic gold medallist

Saint Lucian teen swimmer eyes selfie with British Olympic gold medallist
Katie Kylie (left) and Adam Peaty (right)
Katie Kylie (left) and Adam Peaty (right)

(AFP) – As many of the world’s top swimmers go for gold at the Commonwealth Games, one shy schoolgirl from St. Lucia has a more modest goal — a photo with English hunk Adam Peaty.

But 16-year-old Katie Kyle, set to compete in the 50 and 100 metres butterfly for the Caribbean island, first has to pluck up the courage to speak to the Olympic breaststroke champion.

“I don’t know if I’ll be brave enough to go up and be like ‘hey!'” she told AFP on Saturday.

“But there will be some people, like Adam Peaty, I’ll be like ‘hey, can I get a picture with you?’

“Just to meet and talk to all the guys who swim fast will be great,” added Kyle, who along with Jean Luc Zephir makes up St. Lucia’s Commonwealth Games swim team in Gold Coast.

“I’m still kind of shocked that I made it this far.”

Kyle has been based in Britain since last summer after deciding to leave St. Lucia because of a lack of training facilities.

“I thought I could better my training in Britain with bigger pools, better facilities,” said Kyle.

“At home it’s not as developed, there’s only a 25m pool outside.”

Such is the parlous condition of sport in St. Lucia that at a track and field meeting earlier this year, a whistle was used to start events instead of a gun, according to local media.

“Perhaps they ran out of ammo,” said St. Lucia swim coach David Peterkin.

“The government is not very involved in sports at that level. They do a lot of work with school kids but not when it comes to a higher level.

“We have a planned 50m pool coming and hopefully it should be there within a year and a half to two years.”

If Kyle gets that selfie with Peaty, she will be halfway to meeting her two swimming heroes.

Kyle idolises Hungary’s Katinka Hosszu, a triple gold medallist at the 2016 Rio Olympics, after a brief crush on American legend Michael Phelps.

“There was Michael Phelps but when I got kind of serious I was looking at Katinka,” said Kyle, who has her heart set on competing at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

“But I’m just glad to be here. It’s going to be so exciting to swim against (top racers) and to say I’ve swum against them.”


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  1. Well, well! I canmot believe first of of the reporter of this story. Shame. He /she needs to go back and study how to conduct a professional interview. And for the persons with your sexual comnents, again, what a shame. My daughter is a sixteen year old girl, a professional swimmer and just admires swimmers, male or female with the same goals as her. And you wonder why I sent her to England. Sad. SMH


  2. big up to you my girl but its sad that Kyle has been based in Britain since last summer after deciding to leave St. Lucia because of a lack of training facilities here. thats the thing i will always say, they not doing nothing to make you improve or see to it that you improve but when you do great they always want to show off this and that person is saintlucian and they did nothing for that person to reach that level.


  3. My goodness, come on. The author of this article cannot be serious. She has a crush so what? She wants to take a photo with a three time gold medalist what is wrong with that the first thing in the story? Why is that in the story I am sure she said some important facts in her interview. This distracts from the important issues. Our training facilities are poor, in 2018 a swimmer who wants to go to the olympics can't even train here they have to migrate. To this day the longest pool here is 25 m are we serious and we have a Ministry of youth and sports? We not ready yet. No wonder we can't get a gold medal yet. Young lady do your best don't let negative people get you down. Some people just have nothing positive to tell anybody because they are depressed.


  4. is that news?Young lady focus on sports and leave your personal aspirations out of the public's eye plzzzzzzz.

    Former professional Athlete


    • I’m sorry but as you say you are a former athlete shouldn’t you know the are multiple questions media asks you but only show some...

      Former Professional Athlete


  5. ok look like dis girl dont have swimming on her mind but korkolok. not a good mind set for anyone who truly want to be a champion. winning comes first, everything else after.


    • Disgusted with how this hold champion for our country is being sexualised. Praise her for her swimming or get better writers!


    • Actual winning does not come first as someone can win but still not better there time or skills, so doing there better than there old time would be better than just wining and wouldn’t you want a picture with a professional sports star, why can’t she.


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