Saint Lucian students getting first class honours at UWI Cave Hill Campus

Saint Lucian students getting first class honours at UWI Cave Hill Campus
Shirma Louisy
Shirma Louisy

PRESS RELEASE – Saint Lucian students have a proud legacy of performing excellently at The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus.

The group of students who graduated at the undergraduate level this year certainly did not do any damage to this great and honourable tradition; rather they engaged in the required labour to polish and perpetuate this impressive legacy.

On the 18th of October, 2014 14 out of 26 undergraduate Saint Lucian students graduated with First Class Honors in a multiplicity of disciplines that are pertinent to the national development of our beloved nation.

The students reaching this esteemed and prized landmark are as follows: Shervana Francois, Pearl Goddard, Melanie Jacob, Amanda Joseph, Edith Henry, Natasha Charlemagne, Kerry Cox, Ed Joseph, Shem Willie, Adahra Charles, Kendall Elva, Shirma Louisy, Sanisha Maximin and Hannolair Michaud.

A significant majority of the remaining students graduated with Honours either at the upper or lower second level. Saint Lucian students at the Cave Hill Campus do not only focus on their academic pursuits but, participate in a wide range of extra curricular groups such as the Saint Lucian Students’ Association at the Cavil Hill Campus (LUSAC).

For instance, Kendall Elva, Melanie Jacob, Hannolair Michaud and Amanda Joseph served as president, vice president, welfare officer and secretary respectively of LUSAC. Pear Goddard also severed as welfare officer of LUSAC. Their involvement in meaningful nonacademic activities is testimony of their quest to self-actualize in a holistic and balanced manner.

It is against this background that special congratulations are extended to all Saint Lucian students who have successfully read for their respective degrees.

It is hoped that they will channel their new skills and knowledge into community and nation building activities aimed at advancing the development of our nation.

Shervana Francois
Adahra Charles
Pearl Goddard
Kendall Elva
Hannolair Michuad
Ed Joseph
Amanda Joseph

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  1. I so happy I did not go to UWI watch the state of our Caribbean leaders a mess we still coming to the UN as St. Lucia, Grenada n Trinidad who wants to hear those islands speak n what does they have to offer nothing. Europe took our same federation concept implement it in the 21st century n living like kings helping out each other while we fight with each other unbelievable. Our leaders keep failing us time n time again u elect a rep he want to own half of the island in his first term n no body holds any body accountable therefore it's a constant rat race who have more who want more while the people suffer. Our main export is Fig


  2. congrats to all-hope ull get a job when ull get back to lucia-join the crew of us that have graduated and still cant find a job................ just saying


  3. Great effort by all of you. Imagine one of them just 20 and already graduating with first class honors. Bravo to all of you.


  4. Congrats, camarades, keep up the good work!!! Keep the positive juices flowing . . . let us kick out the bad and continue in the pursuit of excellence, not only in academics, but in character and relationship as well.


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