Saint Lucian students “cutting themselves” due to depression on the rise: YPG

Saint Lucian students “cutting themselves” due to depression on the rise: YPG

(SNO) — Saint Lucia’s largest youth network, Youth Power Group (YPG Saint Lucia), is reporting that there is an increase in students engaging in self-harm on the island due to depression.

The organization said it has visited a number of schools and discovered that the number of young people who are depressed, suicidal, rejected by their parents and “cutting themselves” are on the rise.

“The Youth Power Group has visited three secondary schools and found out that three youth out of ten have cut or are cutting themselves, and what’s more shocking, is that parents are not realizing it,” the organization said in a statement. “We found that this practice is more prevalent with girls ages 14 to 16.”

Pastor Williams, the coordinator of YPG Saint Lucia, is now calling on parents to pay more attention to their children.

“The advice I would like to give to parents are that they should pay more attention to their children and sometimes to check on their arms and wrists because the youth are under pressure, depression, being bullied, and the sad part is that parents are not even aware because sometimes they work very hard and too many hours, and ended up neglecting the family relationship,” Williams said.

The group is advising the education minister “to encourage schools to allow external youth groups to work with students at risk, because they may not be comfortable sharing private information with someone in the school because of confidentiality issues”.

“Make it mandatory for at risk youth to be involved in extracurricular activities which should help to deter negative groups such as gangs. Allow the use of sports and other activities to be done on the schools compound, playground or court on Saturdays and Sundays with the aim of keeping the youth busy,” it said.

YPG Saint Lucia was established with the aim to help young people to become successful.

The group is reporting many success stories among young people on the island.

“We have the story of Stanley Stephen who ran away from home three times but after he got to know the work of the YPG Saint Lucia, he is totally transformed and back home,” the group said. “Another life story that brought amazement to the people of Saint Lucia was Stanice’s Transformation. He hated his mother for no reason and smoking marijuana from the age of fourteen, today he is totally transformed.”


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  1. Maybe Pastor Williams and others like him can encourage parents to use contraception, not just withdrawal) and plan their family better. A family with one child can better support the mother as a housewife or part-time worker where she is available for her child after school. Even when the mother chooses to work full time, the family can afford a variety of after-school activities to engage and encourage their children into healthy and productive lives.
    Please stop telling parents God put us on earth to conceive. What's the point when children suffer and bring suffering to those around them, end up in jail or an early grave, or otherwise living in poverty and repeating the cycle.
    Contraception for adults and comprehensive sex education for children please!


  2. Too much television and internet, followers. Why can they go to the garden help plant and clean the island, so much to do to better the island.
    Some of these young people are so selfish, its all about material things,
    don't look at what others have, you don't know what they did to get those things.
    Be yourself, listen to your elders, get an education, don't follow bad company.
    Parents support and encourage your kids to aim high, give them love, it's very important, to have a very good family structure. Young people don't give up there is a light at the end of the tunnel.....


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