Saint Lucian Students’ Association at Cave Hill provides update on activities

Saint Lucian Students’ Association at Cave Hill provides update on activities
Prime Minister's Lecture 2014
Prime Minister’s Lecture 2014

PRESS RELEASE – The Saint Lucian Students’ Association at Cave Hill is a welfare organisation which operates under the umbrella of The Guild of Students at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Barbados.

Its mandate is primarily to promote the educational, social and cultural development of its’ members. Throughout each academic year LUSAC hosts a number of activities which include The Independence Flag Raising Ceremony, Independence Lecture and Jounen Kweyol Celebrations. By hosting these activities to commemorate important Saint Lucian historical and cultural events, LUSAC enables its members to maintain a sense of St. Lucian pride while residing abroad.

2014-2015 executive

Giving regard to the economic challenges which university students are currently faced with, LUSAC offers financial assistance where possible to the members of the Association. During the summer vacation the members and executive of LUSAC engage in fundraising activities.

To date, LUSAC has held two fundraising cake sales in the north and south of the island, on June 28th and July 26th 2014, respectively. Moreover, LUSAC’s fundraising initiatives for this summer include an upcoming event which will be held at the Impulse Night Club on 16th August 2014. LUSAC also assists its’ members by offering a book rental programme whereby members can gain access to essential books at a reduced cost.

LUSAC seeks to foster unity amongst its members while encouraging them to embrace integration. During the 2013/2014 academic year, LUSAC hosted its’ Bi-annual Prayer Before Exams, where approximately 135 students from eleven Caribbean islands were in attendance. Another social activity which recently began is the LUSAC Bouyon Lime, where students from diverse backgrounds and nationalities sample local cuisine and enjoy Lucian company.

Individuals wishing to contact LUSAC may do so via email at [email protected]


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