Saint Lucian shot dead after Dallas Officer enters wrong apartment

Saint Lucian shot dead after Dallas Officer enters wrong apartment

(SNO) — A Saint Lucian man, Botham Shem Jean, was fatally shot Thursday night after a Dallas police officer entered the wrong apartment, according to reports.

Below is the full report from FOX 4 NEWS

DALLAS – An off-duty Dallas police officer shot and killed a man after walking into the wrong apartment in her building just south of Downtown Dallas.

It happened around 10 p.m. Thursday. The Dallas Police Department said the officer had just finished her shift and entered what she believed was her own apartment at the South Side Flats. The complex is near the department’s headquarters on Lamar Avenue.

But it was not the right apartment and the officer ran into a man who she didn’t recognize. She ended up shooting him. Responding officers found 26-year-old Botham Shem Jean badly wounded. He was taken to the hospital and died a short time later, police said.

Police would not say whether the female officer fired her weapon because she thought Jean was an intruder or for some other reason. It’s not yet clear how she got into the wrong apartment.

People who live nearby said they got a notification about the shooting on the app Nextdoor. They can’t believe what happened.

“Super scary because the police are supposed to protect you and then they come home and, you know, you’re just hanging out in your own house and then they come home thinking they’re home or whatever. I don’t know if she was tired but that’s pretty scary,” said Richard Healy Nelson, who lives in the complex.

Dallas police have not yet released the officer’s name. She is now on administrative leave.

The department is still investigating and will be conducting a joint investigation with the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office.


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  1. Lets not invent things.She lived in a diffrent floor,so she took a lift to his apartment,she had no key to his door so she knocks on his door,he opens the door,and she just kills him right there.Wow,how complicated?
    They both knew each other,they had been in a relationship of some kind,soon we will find out more about this,there is allways somebody that sees something,or hears it.
    You cant press the wrong button on the lift,you cant go into an apartment with out the keys to the front door,and blow away a guy,just like that.You have to be very drunk or drugged,to make that kind of mistake.
    Lucians put up a fight,dont let this ever be forgotten.


  2. Interesting story, if true or if untrue the media will turn this into an innocent unarmed black man being killed because he was black. Do not believe the lies. Read between the lines, there is more to the story. Media has no problem using this story for a race profit to rally up black people just like they did with Michael Brown's "hands up don't shoot" narrative which was a false narrative promoted by the media. #QPost


    • Qanon 1, I see your ignorance when it comes to racial injustice. If you truly believe this is for media gain, then you are truly and very sadly ignorant of the facts and truth. Maybe you should tell his mother or his family your feelings, maybe u should go public with your opinion, which I respect, and please look up the meaning of the word ignorant


      • I think you are the ignorant person here. Perhaps it would do you justice to read and understand what, quanon 1 is saying. I live in the USA and I am very familiar with the narrative the main media loves to take. I would love that the police involved in the shooting if found guilty, should suffer the consequences of her actions. Rest in peace Botham.


        • Someone is murdered and all u think about is narrative. The media has every right to broadcast, and NO sir I am not ignorant, I am someone who has been a victim of law enforcement abuse. My point is and will be racial injustice. The media is only doing their jobs, I wonder what would happen if there was no media to bring the truth and facts to life, and like you, I am highly educated and well informed and live in Dallas as well. Maybe one day when a police officer pulls u over for no reason and point a gun at you all because of your color but then again you are probably white, so makes no difference. Please look at the meaning of ignorance between u respond, jackass


          • Here we go, another sheeple . The media brings zero facts, why hasn't anyone mentioned her state of being when she was arrested? Was she on coke, mushrooms or some other crazy drug? I mean how how must she have been to have walked in the apartment,you pulled a gun and shot someone before realizing that she was in the wrong apartment? Was she even at work? No-one will ever hear he's side and cops stick together because those who owns the cops also owns the media. How many people are ruling this earth in peace. That should tell you the more money you got, the more ruthless you are. Again how much is the media worth before you talk about the media spreading truth. It the great Babylon everything has an owner. Still the mind, listen to the heart and you will hear the truth.


  3. How can someone mistake her apartment just like that ? How did she open the guys apartment ? Did she brake the door to get into the guys apartment ? You know what i think most of you people out there need to stop being racist and you knew the guy was your neighbor and because the man is black u kill the man really a unarmed man ....Stop the racism ...Stop this crap we all bleed red there is no black and white there is only human beings....Stop trying to be the Alpha because of skin color..


    • Richied25They are trying to be the Alpha because you are rightfully the owner. Have you wondered why you have melanin or why your skin absorbs the sun but theirs get burns and skin cancer. Why are we genetically faster than them? Have you wondered if Egypt is in Africa and the bible is based on Egypt in some context, then aren't we from a lineage of Pharoahs. What if our ancestors were the greatest to ever walk this planet. Well the answers are out there. They will never stop because you are superior,seek and he shall find. Take things deeper and ask your heart these questions. Do the research so we can stop this mission.


  4. It can't bring him back but I hope his family wins a muti million dollar lawsuit against the Dallas police department. This is just so sad my prayers are with his family.


  5. Was the door unlocked?
    If not how did her key open another apartment?
    Didn't she notice a difference in the arrangement of furniture etc in the apartment?
    Did he resist her questions or was he violent towards her?
    Why shoot a deadly shot and not shoot him on a body part that wouldn't ultimately kill him?
    There are so many questions on my mind. An innocent man in his own space killed for no reason


  6. Awa that don't sound right that's her version there must be more to it. My version is he is been hitting it for a while but they have been keeping it on a down low. She came form work and she pass thru he beg for some of the punany she told him no she tired he wont take no and still coming behind her so she shot him in his ass or he had another Jabal and she found out and confronted him. You come home and you open the door to your apartment (1) your key should not have fit (2) if the door was open for her and you walked in the furniture and settings one time should have thrown you off hey this is not my place oh I am sorry. I am not buying it. I bet she white you know Lucians already.


  7. I am so so sorry this happened. I live between Dallas Texas and your sister island Barbados.
    I have visited your island twelve times. I love St Lucians. Have worked with people from your beautiful country. What happened should have never happened. My heart hurts for Botham Jean Sheas loved ones.
    This is beyond devastating. As a Texan when I heard this and realized he was one of our CARICOM brothers I cried so hard. I want to tell you my prayers are with his family. He had his whole young life ahead of him too. 🙁


  8. It comes without saying that i hope the relavant authorities support and compensate the young man's family immensely.Make an example of this situation so that it may never happen again.My prayers are with them.


  9. Administrative leave?. But someone was shot why not Police Custody. I hope some blood tests for methane, alcohol have been ran. In my opinion that's gross carelessness and irresponsibility of an officer of the law. This is a man well brought up I don't think there is any suspicion or fowl play but just that of a mentally disturbed officer doing shate or could be racism. Just Speculating.
    Mrs. Jean hold strong and keep the faith. Its just a crazy world.


  10. That is messed up!! The guy wasn't doing anything wrong to be shot dead. WOW! That officer had to be on something that led her to entered the wrong apartment. My condolences to the Jean family.


  11. My heart goes out to the Jean family, especially Allison (my former work colleague). Nothing could have prepared you and your family for such unexpected, devastating and tragic news; he was in a safe place (home) and his home was not burglarized ((SMH). God be with you.


  12. Just this ungoing racist feud that donald trump has ignite...they will kill you cuz you black and come up with some phoney excuse...question is how in the hell did she get access to his apt. With what key..every apt has a different # and key to it.....this story sounds like a straight up cover her ass up lie.


  13. And this same America gone come tell us shate about IMPACS and look what is happening in their own backyard.

    At least our Police were dealing with real criminals. This right here is just wrong and nothing is going to happen to the police woman. Wrong apartment my foot. She had to be drunk.


  14. OMG how she went in someone’s apt thinking it’s hers? Was the door open? Does she keep her door open? Cause if you know you locked your house and leave for work the minute you come back to find your door open, you don’t realize something wrong... bullshit we need the truth


  15. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE! This is no excuse. i'm certain that this "accident" does deeper than just a simple mistake!


  16. My Deepest Condolences to the family... Sigh... What a tragic way to die :/ ... This hurt me, I have family and friends abroad. I know how devastating a phone call with such news to the family is ... Lord put a hand, sigh so innocent.... 🙁


  17. Wtf.. she must have been drunk /high or some bs. How do you enter someone's apartment and not realize its not yours. There is no way the furniture and set up would be identical. How did she get in his apartment to start off.Are the keys the same. Just crazy


  18. Really sad.....there are soo many questions to be asked and sure will receive soo little answers.....was that officer under the influence under drink and drugs.....did she hve a spare key.....wz she in a relationship with him since i read that the deceased lived in a gated environment .....did she hve a spare key......and many more questions could b asked. the officer is on administrative soo very saddened at the situation....jah bless the family and i hope the outcome of this matter will be ruled out in the interest of the family.


  19. US police officers are acting dumber & dumber in engaging people they need to contact for their investigations. They are engaging would-be foreigners with a "shoot-to-kill" policy. This is an utter disgrace.


  20. wdmc?! So she kill a man in cold blood, in his own home and gets placed on administrative leave??? She gets a paycheck while his family is left to mourn.


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