Saint Lucian reggae artiste on promotion drive of new songs

Saint Lucian reggae artiste on promotion drive of new songs
Esther Sings

(SNO) — Saint Lucia-born Esther Sings, also known as Esther Antoine, went public in 2014 as an artiste but has been singing in church since the tender age of five, and in bands from 18.

While growing up on the island, she was influenced by a number of music genres but reggae has always been special to her.

She is now promoting three reggae songs, which she herself has written.

The songs are ‘Love me Up’, ‘Do My Best’ and ‘Cease Fire’.

Based in New York, Esther Sings said she was influenced by her father to pursue a career in music.

After numerous ups and downs she said, “I decided that the time is now.”

So while singing live at a karaoke she decided to write her own lyrics.

Sings stated that her songs reflect her outlook on life and tackles matters of the heart.

She is also developing her own collection of ethnic cultural accessories, which she eventually intends to launch as a product line — Esther Sings Designs.

Esther Sings is managed by Hopkins Consulting Group LLC — a consulting, PR, marketing, messaging, branding, concept development and small business development firm.

The songs are available on all music app stores.

Link to one of her songs:


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