Saint Lucian poet launches book

Saint Lucian poet launches book

(PRESS RELEASE) – With the season of giving and sharing upon us, one of Saint Lucia’s foremost poets, Kendel Hippolyte, will on December 23, offer the Saint Lucian public his most recent literary gifts, “Wordplanting”.

Hippolyte explains that Wordplanting is a physical manifestation of a continuous inward journey.

“Poetry is an ongoing exploring and record of my inner life…I didn’t set out to do anything else but find out as fully as I could what I thought-felt-sensed about various things; both outer events/happenings/trends and inner events/happenings/trends…I look forward to the future very much. Intensely curious to see what I will end up writing, which means also who I will end up being.”

In a Bookshelf Book Review, the poetic gems in the compilation published by Peepal Tree Press are described as “tender”, “contemplative”, “well-earned wisdom facing down death…and yet the poems in Wordplanting are so generously activated by what keeps us incandescently, immutably alive.” (

The Book Launch, scheduled for 6:00 p.m. on Monday, December 23rd at 758 Books at the Gablewoods Mall Food Court, will feature the artistic brilliance of noted musicians Luther Francois, Ricky Francois, and Emerson Nurse as well as the exquisite vocals of UK-based Saint Lucian Tanya Nicole Edwards and readings from poet/playwright himself.

Hippolyte will be on hand to interact with the public and copies of Wordplanting will be available for signing and sale.


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