Saint Lucian nationality gets “high quality” international ranking

By Henley & Partners

(PRESS RELEASE) – Saint Lucia has improved its rank from a Medium Quality to a High Quality nationality on the second edition of the Henley & Partners – Kochenov Quality of Nationality Index (QNI), which was unveiled at a major international event in London today.

The QNI is the first index of its kind to objectively rank the value of every nationality of the world in terms of legal status in which to develop your talents and business.

According to Henley & Partners, the shifts in the High Quality category of the index are most significant and are due mainly to the recent Schengen visa liberalization.

Henley & Partners have invested heavily in the index because of its belief in the countries, as well as its desire to continue to present a positive program across the globe.

“What that does for Saint Lucia, is that it improves Saint Lucia’s overall position to potential clients and investors, who are looking to invest outside their home countries, and looking for the power that the passport provides, freedom of movement, quality of life, and opportunities available in Saint Lucia,” says Henley & Partners Member Partner for Saint Lucia, Attorney-at-Law, Mark D. Maragh.

The report also states that as many as 17 nationalities which previously belonged to the Medium Quality tier have improved in value and are now classified as High Quality; St. Lucia being one of those nationalities, rising 22 ranks from 86th to 64th place. This is especially important, as St. Lucia is one of the few islands to host a citizenship-by-investment program (CIP). Head of the CIP in St. Lucia, Nestor Alfred, is referencing this latest global report and St. Lucia’s phenomenal performance as a clear indication of the future success of the country’s CIP programme.

“ Saint Lucia being part of the Citizenship by Investment Programme, sees this report as being very crucial with regard to the next step of the CIP. Saint Lucia being ranked in the High Quality category says a lot, with regard to the QNI’s critical Pillars-Peace and Stability, Economic Strength and Human Development,” explains CEO of the CIP, Nestor Alfred.

Among the other nationalities that have risen to the High Quality tier are Grenada, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the Commonwealth of Dominica, and Trinidad and Tobago.

The QNI is relevant and of interest to all individuals, and a vital resource for those who are financially independent and wish to enjoy the benefits of alternative citizenship, as it provides assistance in selecting the most valuable second or third nationality.

“For Saint Lucia, the QNI shows prospective investors that Saint Lucia does posses the desired requirements to be part of the our CIP programme. For that, I believe the QNI report is fundamental to our CIP programme,” expressed Alfred.

In light of our struggling economies and the search for alternative routes to direct foreign investment the CIP in St. Lucia, as in other Caribbean Countries has been widely accepted as an ideal pillar for future economic growth and wealth creation for generations to come.


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  1. I was hoping to see sumn like n additional 5 yrs b4 it expires... choops tan... mwe farchay!!!

  2. What a bunch of crock! the Govt paid this company for assistance with it's CIP setup so obviously we would get a high ranking.

  3. Real Saint Lucians no fake news. Unlike people in the US where the entire government is working wittingly or unwittingly for Russian Secret Agent Mr. Putin.

    Any group of people can do any kind of index and put that on the Internet. This may even be a set of Putin Operatives. China has at least a 20-year view of planning. Russia has that too. Software is their strongest suite now. Not nuclear weapons. Do you see who is laughing now at the rest of the world?

  4. And so have many others that have been so commoditized. So tell me this much. What's in it for me, a born and bred Saint Lucian?

  5. With the most ineffective, incompetent prime minister ever and amongst the most corrupt politicians ever, dear may I say what a pile of fufu.

  6. With the advent of the internet it is relatively easy to get info on groups like Henley & Partners and the pattern of their activities and how it affects countries... especially Caribbean countries desperate for financial stability.

  7. BUNCH OF FLUFF......Suddenly a poor performing economy is deemed as excelling. Crime is rampant and criminals have declared war on the citizenry. The found a way to pick up empty index to give impression of an economy that is performing. Let us talk about the real jobs, homicides on the rise, corrupt can fool all the dumb sheep i you preside over but ain't fooling moi....

  8. Wat is damn cost?

  9. "Quality of life " (choops) They can stay in England and say what they want who lives here knows it with all the majee that's happening

  10. This does nothing to lower the price of gas or VAT and my life and struggle in St Lucia still remain the same so who cares


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