Saint Lucian living in Suriname passes away at 105

Saint Lucian living in Suriname passes away at 105
Leon Derrick Thomas
Leon Derrick Thomas
Leon Derrick Thomas

Leon Derrick Thomas, a supercentenarian Saint Lucian, passed away peacefully in his sleep between Monday evening and Tuesday morning in Suriname.

Thomas was born in Castries on June 11, 1911.

He left Saint Lucia in the 1940’s in search of a better opportunity in French Guiana and later moved to Suriname, where he settled and started a new family.

One of his daughter’s, Phile ‘t Zand, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) on Monday: “He went to sleep last night and didn’t wake up. He died at home.”

Before moving to Suriname and French Guiana, Thomas had several children in Saint Lucia.

His second union also produced seven children; four girls and three boys. He was also grandfather to 14 and great grandchildren to 8.

Another daughter, Philomen Thomas, had told SNO that her father spoke about Saint Lucia very often.She said in a 2015 interview with SNO, “He lives in Suriname, but his heart is in Saint Lucia.”


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  1. I one of the 14 grandchildren of Mr Leon Derrick Thomas, and I reside in England, my mother Maria is his daughter, on behalf of her, much love grandad,want to say how proud we are to have a great patriarch as my grandfather was, yes I salute you and the wonderful legacy you left behind, in aunties, uncles, nieces,and nephew, may you rest in perfect peace and rise in the full glory of the almighty God. Love you granddad, exceptional, son of St.Lucia. ? ❤️? ❤️?? maggie.


  2. Well Done sir. You had a good innings. Pity he did not return to St Lucia as often as possible. There are lots of other St Lucians who may be living in Dutch Guyana, now Suriname. It would have been nice if he could have visited his island of birth more often. Too many St Lucians leave their country never to return. There are so many Lucians on the South American mainland. French Guyana,or Cayenne, is practically a Saint Lucian enclave. Most people over there have roots in St Lucia. They speak the same Kwayol language.
    This man have lived for over a century and that in itself is a milestone. Wherever you may roam right now St Lucia will always be your home - You are gone but surely will not be forgotten by your family and long time friends in St Lucia. The bush peoples of Suriname and Cayenne celebrate the death of a person, while the birth of a baby bring cries of sadness. They believe that when a person dies he/she has at least lived their life unlike when a baby is born the community does not know what will become of that child - whether she/he will do good or bad things in life. There is a lot of wisdom in this philosophy. Suriname the land of Faluma Ding Ding,Taki taki and endless rivers.


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