Saint Lucian in trouble for threatening to kill court witness in BVI

By SNO Staff

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Neil St Rose. (Photo credit: VINO)

A Saint Lucian man has been charged for threatening to kill a court witness in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), according to Virgin Islands News Online (VINO).

Neil St. Rose allegedly threatened a man who testified against his convicted friend.

The incident occurred on May 5, 2019 in Virgin Gorda.

At the time, the complainant was with his wife at a bar when St. Rose approached him and asked to speak with him outside, according to a police report presented by Prosecutor Kael London.

St. Rose then took the man to a parked vehicle. In it sat St. Rose’s friend who had been released from prison, VINO reported.

“That’s the man who make you go jail,” St Rose reportedly told his friend.

The complainant replied “I didn’t make you go jail” and tried to leave but St. Rose was not finished with him, according to the news report.

“I still will kill you… you not going anywhere,” St. Rose is quoted as saying to the complainant.

When allowed to leave, the man reported the matter to the police and the Saint Lucian was subsequently charged with perverting the course of justice, VINO reported.

St. Rose was granted $70,000 bail with signed sureties.

His bail conditions require him to report to the Virgin Gorda Police Station twice a week and not to make contact with the complainant.

In response to the article, some bloggers on the VINO website have called for St. Rose’s deportation. One said he should not have received bail.

Greg said: “Why are they allowing him to stay. He’s not from here and allegedly threatening a witness against his friend? Nonsense! Government, only you can stop this insanity by deporting. When the others see you mean business, their behinds will shape up fast. STOP allowing outsiders to keep people here hostage. SMDH!”

Another blogger expressed disappointment that St. Rose keeps getting himself in trouble. In 2014, two men were found guilty by a jury for attempted murder, for shooting St. Rose. CLICK HERE TO READ THAT STORY.

In 2018, St. Rose and another man were arrested and charged for armed robbery in Virgon Gorda, BVI. CLICK HERE TO READ THAT STORY.

“Rastaman! Why you keep letting those people get to you? You have a well paid job. Your good at what you do. Why year after year you just letting those clowns get the best of you? Your a quiet person but in the court room every few months will make it look like your the troubled maker……,” the blogger identified as ‘SMH’ wrote.


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  2. They carry their stupidity with them every where they roam. They don't know when and where to zip it.

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