Saint Lucian in Martinique shot and killed because of noise complaint?

Saint Lucian in Martinique shot and killed because of noise complaint?
Terry Alcindor
Terry Alcindor

(SNO) — Police in Martinique are investigating reports that a 22-year-old Saint Lucian man may have been shot by his 53-year-old male neighbour due to a dispute stemming from a noise complaint or a theft allegation, according to reports gleaned from France-Antilles Martinique and Martinique la 1ère.

The fatal shooting occurred around 6 p.m. on Tuesday, March 5 in in Pays Mélé, Lamentin.

The deceased has been identified as 22-year-old Terry Alcindor.

He was originally from Babonneau in Saint Lucia but had been living in Martinique with his mother for about two years, according to reports.

According to media reports in Martinique, a heated argument allegedly developed after the 53-year-old man complained about noise.

The argument reportedly turned physical with Alcindor allegedly wounding the 53-year-old who then ran home to fetch his firearm.

The senior neighbour allegedly returned, chased Alcindor and shot him several times.

Alcindor died shortly after in hospital, according to media reports.

The shooter was arrested and charged. He appeared in court but the judge had ordered that he be further remanded in prison.

He was scheduled to appeal this decision through his lawyers on Tuesday, March 12.

Media reports in Martinique have also suggested that the shooting may have stemmed from an allegation surrounding the theft of auto parts.



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  1. Reminds me of that story where a Texas cop shot a lucian dead because she was sick and tired of coming home after a long day to put up with his noise. A culture of noise silenced with a bullet.


  2. St. Lucians taking their bad habits everywhere they go. If people have to resort to violence for noise complaints here, half the country would be dead. All because the police don't respond.


  3. Two young St. Lucians are dead in foreign islands within a month. Both of the deceased have similar poses and had left the island to live with their parents, one in the USVI and now the other in Martinique. Both had been living in these islands for less than three years. What I deduce from those similarities, is that our unruly behavior which is tolerated here is definitely not tolerated abroad. We need to behave ourselves, particularly when in foreign countries. Let the both of them rest in peace and may their deaths be a lesson for the rest of us. Let us also keep in mind that not everyone likes us. They are painting a negative picture of him in Martinique before the trial.


  4. They silenced him for good.
    But was that worth going to prison for?
    Self Control.
    Dispute resolution.
    We need Jesus


  5. all yall doing when yall go up there . just to give trouble smdh thats why the french people hate yall so


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