Saint Lucian gets death penalty for murdering two people including pregnant woman

Saint Lucian gets death penalty for murdering two people including pregnant woman
Jury orders Wake County man to death | Raleigh News & Observer photo
Jury orders Wake County man to death | Raleigh News & Observer photo

(SNO) — A Saint Lucian man has been sentenced to death for the shooting death of two people, including a pregnant woman, at a motel in North Carolina, United States (US) nearly three years ago.

Seaga Edward Gillard, 30, who is from Soufriere in Saint Lucia but resided in the US, was convicted two weeks ago for the double murder.

A Wake County jury delivered the unanimous decision about two hours after it resumed deliberations on Monday morning.

According to, Gillard did not show any emotion when the jury’s decision was handed down.

“The death penalty sentence is the first by a Wake County jury in over a decade,” the website reported.

The victims

The Saint Lucian was convicted by the same jury of several charges including two counts of first-degree murder, attempted robbery with a firearm and attempted first-degree rape. reported that April Lynn Holland, 22, and her boyfriend, Dwayne Garvey, 28, were gunned down inside an Americas Best Value Inn, a motel located on Arrow Drive off Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh.

“Security cameras at the motel near Crabtree Valley Mall captured the deaths of Holland and Garvey. During the first phase of the trial, jurors saw the grisly black-and-white footage in which Gillard opened fire on Garvey inside a motel hallway,” the website reported.

Gillard’s mugshot

Below are further information posted by on the case.

Prosecutors told the jury that Holland, who was three months pregnant, was working as a prostitute at the motel, while Garvey, the father of her three children, was her partner in the operation.

[Assistant District Attorney] David Saacks told the jury Friday that despite the couple’s involvement in running a prostitution enterprise, their lives still mattered.

“They were murdered in cold blood,” Saacks said. “Now we’re deciding on the appropriate punishment. Do they matter?”

During the trial, the prosecution said Gillard was a repeat criminal who had robbed and sexually assaulted a string of women before the slayings of Holland and Garvey.


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  1. Seaga Edward Gillard’s crime is despicable. Surely a St Lucian national would want his government to intervene. Justice is supposed to be blind and treat the saints and sinners equally. If the Prime Minster can be implored to intervene on behalf of Botham Jean (saint) why not intervene for Seaga Edward Gillard (sinner) to get a more lenient sentence. The French have done so on behalf of their own nationals and no doubt the USA for their nationals.


    • Outcry hush your mouth and let the man get the punishment due to him for the crimes he committed ok. The guy is a repeat offended and a killer at that you want the P.M to get involved in that. What was he framed and has he been imprisoned wrongly? No so let his ass get what's coming to him. You leave St.Lucia and instead of making a better life for yourself you choosing crime. The most that can be done for him now is give his family a final phone call to his ass to say good by. I think his chance for getting a slap on the wrist has fully expired.


  2. Another Lucian wrecking HAVOC overseas instead of living the American dream like every other hard working member of society. One more bad egg we won't have to worry about.


  3. yes i agree he's getting death penalty for what he did,,, he's a st.lucian also a black man,, so whats about the white police bitch that kills our st.lucian young man,,(JEAN) in cold blood,, why thay didn't send her to death for murder too?


  4. If he can be sentenced to death in the US for murder, why should anyone, including Saint Lucians, be against this country for sentencing convicted murderers to death? Aren't we being hypocrites in the way we think? Just asking!!!!!!!!!


  5. a St.Lucian kills in USA he get death penalty.
    a St.Lucian kills in St.Lucia he get a few years in Bordelais Correctional Facility and is free again.

    something is wrong in our justice system
    and our human rights activists and Lawyer are silent.


  6. disgusting just so you leaving soufriere and going up there and embarrass saint lucia so. uh you dont see you a real neg maron.


  7. He's a Disgrace to St.Lucia .If they need Volunteer I am willing to come and do the Honours of Execution the Bastard


  8. Nuff man go overs and make we good hard working ho esr saint lucians look bad. Just now they dissing our island bad and then we go see crime like hell


  9. Should have stayed at home and enjoy your fig and saltfish,.....hope you rot in hell.


    • If he can be sentenced to death in the US, why should we Saint Lucians and others take umbrage to convicted murderers being sentenced to death here also? Aren't we being hypocrites? Just asking!!!!!


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