Saint Lucian flight attendant remanded on drug charges

Saint Lucian flight attendant remanded on drug charges
Dee Plummer
Dee Plummer

Saint Lucian flight attendant, Deann Pat Portia Plummer, was remanded to prison on Friday after making her first appearance at the District “B” Magistrates’ Court in Barbados.

The 33-year-old mother of one, who is facing cocaine and marijuana charges, was remanded to prison until May 5, 2016, the Barbados media has reported.

Plummer is accused of being found with five kilogrammes of cocaine and 1.3 grammes of cannabis in her possession. She was charged with: possession with intent to supply cocaine, trafficking in the same illegal drug and importation of cocaine.

Police have said that Plummer arrived in Barbados on Tuesday and the cocaine was allegedly found in her handbag during a search by Customs officers.

A search warrant was later issued and cannabis was reportedly found at her apartment.

Saint Lucia police had confirmed receiving information about the woman’s arrest in Barbados.


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  1. I hope her relatives are proud of her...she has now got the great opportunity of being imprisoned so she has time to think of her stupidity.but hey no one is perfect.


  2. We are in no position to judge this woman. Given her same circumstances we might have done the same or worst. Until the shoe is on your foot you have no idea what you are capable of doing. Just continue to pray that you make better choices and decisions for yourself. Let God do the judging. For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God.


  3. We must all learn from this scenario by learning to crawl before we walk. Honest wealth comes by one means only and that is dedication and hard work or an inheritance. We can not allow ourselves to be governed by the $$$$$. The love of money, not money but the LOVE OF IT is truly the root of evil.


  4. Quite an unfortunate situation when a flight attendant experiences turbulence in her career and takes a nose dive to the drug mule position.


  5. Some times I try to wonder if some ppl like them were free travelling all you in a prison cell....well I guess no risk, no reward


  6. Look at the kind of reputation our country get through you.. shame, shame, shame! Puts the effort of good, hardworking Lucians down to zero...


  7. I will NEVER leave St. Lucia to a small island in the Caribbean and disgrace myself in anyway.

    Hope leniency prevails, so you can return home to your daughter and family.

    Majority of posters on this website are "Holy of all Holies"


  8. Sad... Please don't judge. We all have skeletons in our closets. She is going through a lot i'm sure.


    • When she decided to get involved she put herself out there to be judged! This is why she is standing before a judge right now. All the hypocrites in slu not because she is a friend of yours it can be excuse and look for all ridiculous reasons. if it was someone yall didn't know, yall tongue would be cutting the other way. Even pedophiles sing a sad song when they are destroying lives. we are not looking at the individual, we are disapproving the act! Every drug dealer and thief have their reason. Let them ask God for forgiveness, till then they live in a society where u live by laws. WRONG is WRONG and unless ppl feel guilty about doing wrong when committing crimes they will NOT STOP.


      • *Insert head roll* did you really just say " When she decided to get involved she put herself out there to be judged."

        You need to stop being so self-righteous. No one has said that she is just in her actions and should walk away from this unscathed. I believe what St. Lucians are saying is they emphasize with her situation and wish her all the best to make a change in her life when this is all done.

        No one knows the parameters she was dealing with that would cause her to participate in an activity so risky but I guess that your Harvard Law Degree and your Duke Theology Degree makes you the authority on anything moral.

        Go on girl and live your perfect life!


  9. Nice woman like you doing that to yourself. You have a job most people dream of doing and look you losing it for greed. Shame on you.


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