Saint Lucian exporters prepare to display at Havana International Fair

Saint Lucian exporters prepare to display at Havana International Fair
Havana, Cuba

PRESS RELEASE – A delegation comprising six local manufacturers, along with the Honourable Emma Hippolyte- Minister of Commerce Business Development, Investment and Consumer Affairs; TEPA’s Chief Executive Officer Jacqueline Emmanuel-Flood, and Marketing & Promotion Officer Andrena Simon, are scheduled to participate in the upcoming FIHAV La Havana International Fair in Cuba. This year’s trade mission to Cuba will mark the 2nd TEPA facilitated mission to Havana.

The international fair is in its 33rd year of operation and features participation from stakeholders and decision makers in all facets of Cuban economy. The FIHAV La Havana International Fair, which will run from 02 – 07 November, accords the participating Saint Lucian companies the opportunity to showcase authentic Saint Lucian products to a Cuban market for potential export opportunities with that market. Participants can expect to network and establish commercial contacts; close business operations, exchange experiences, update in new technological developments and connect with Latin American buyers and importers.

Down for that mission are Caribbean Awnings, Harris Paints, Viking Traders, Natmed, Chemical Manufacturing and Investments Co. Ltd, and Baron Foods Limited. The activity is part of TEPA’s aim to facilitate export into the Cuba market and involved working closely with Dr. Charles Isaac, Saint Lucia’s Ambassador to Cuba and Jorge Francisco Soberon Luis, Cuba’s Ambassador to Saint Lucia.

According to TEPA’s Marketing & Promotion Officer Andrena Simon, it was as a result of inroads made during last year’s Saint Lucia trade mission to Havana, and a period of groundwork undertaken by TEPA to formerly establish trade relations with that country in 2015, that Baron Foods Limited has been able to capitalize on these opportunities to now supply a line of products within the Cuban market.

“Baron has paved the way, demonstrating the ability to meet the conditions that come with trading internationally and meeting demand. There are some other companies who are holding their own and we have no doubt that the export of other Saint Lucia products into that market is imminent,” she said. Saint Lucia and Cuba signed an MOU to cement the on-going relationship to expand trade between the two countries in July 2015.


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