NewsSaint Lucian Culture and Heritage Must Be Preserved Protected and Respected

St. Lucia News OnlineJuly 4, 202211662 min

Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre says Saint Lucia’s culture must be celebrated and its heritage preserved – and its treasures protected within the development paradigm.

Delivering his first Independence Day Address to the Nation, PM Pierre said, “As a people, we must celebrate our culture and heritage and achieve cultural independence by recognizing that our land is not to be pillaged.”

“We are the Land, the People and the Light,” he said, and “our island’s treasures must be protected within the development discussion.”

The prime minister’s reference to patrimony and heritage follows growing debate about his Cabinet of Ministers’ decision to revoke an earlier decision, made by the last administration, to lease lands to a foreign investor, which would have denied Saint Lucians unrestricted access to public beaches.

“We want to ensure that we can continue to live where thousands come to vacation,” he said, referring to the island’s reputation as a welcoming destination for visitors and investors alike, while remaining an equally enjoyable place for its citizens.

The Prime Minister reiterated similar sentiments in his first Emancipation Day Address on August 1, 2021 – six days after his party’s resounding election victory.

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