Saint Lucian-born martial arts champion to challenge Kent Adonai over alleged ‘stolen land’

Saint Lucian-born martial arts champion to challenge Kent Adonai over alleged ‘stolen land’
Michael Jacques (left) at a younger age and Kent Adai (right) returns from a days fishing off the coast of St. Lucia in 2012 (Splash photo)
Michael Jacques (left) at a younger age and Kent Adai (right) returns from a days fishing off the coast of St. Lucia in 2012 (Splash photo)

(SNO) – A flamboyant aristocrat and confidant of Princess Margaret is said to have ‘stolen land’ to create his very own ‘love island’.

The late Lord Glenconner was renowned for transforming the Caribbean island of Mustique into a playground for the rich and famous including the likes of Mick Jagger, before later retiring to nearby Saint Lucia with a pet elephant.

After a long legal battle following the death eight years ago of his master Colin Tennant, Saint Lucian Kent Adonai was rewarded with his multi-million-pound fortune.

The wrangling over the estate of Princess Margaret’s old friend began when Lord Glenconner died in 2010, aged 83, and it emerged he had left everything to Adonai.

But the legacy was contested by the aristocrat’s family, who claimed he had not been of sound mind when he rewrote his will.

Michael Jacques launched his book in 2016

The case between Lord Glenconner’s grandson and heir to the title, Cody Tennant, 24, and Adonai was settled earlier this month in the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court.

However, it has since emerged that Michael Jacques, a tai chi instructor from South London, is resurrecting his claim to parts of Saint Lucia, which he says was stolen from him 30 years ago by Lord Glenconner.

He is set to challenge Adonai in the courts and has made a public appeal to Cody, from Edinburgh, to make amends for his grandfather by returning his part of the contested plot.


Jacques, a martial arts champion and author, had been running a guesthouse and restaurant in Morne La Croix in Soufriere when he let a house to Lord Glenconner.

He claims that both Tennant and Adonai trashed the four-bedroom home which is now in ruins.

Jacques said: “I curse that family for what Colin Tennant did to me but they now have a chance to do the right thing. They broke windows, doors, the balcony. Items of furniture went missing. The whole place was trashed. I was duped 100 percent. He was grotesque, he was a powerful white man who was worshiped.”

Kent Adonai (let) and the late Lord Glenconner

Neither Lady Anne Glenconner, his widow, nor Cody Tenant, could be reached for comment.

Jacques was born in Saint Lucia but left the island as a child. His family is from the Pitons area.

All of Jacques’ struggles with Lord Glenconner is recorded in his book “The Fallen Bud” which was published in 2015 and launched in March 2016 at the St. Lucian High Commission in London.

“Glenconner took my property and kept it for a very long time. I worked hard to get my property back all to no avail as the legal system in St Lucia let me down. They worked against me by taking the late peer’s side from day one. They never gave me a chance,” Jacques said in a 2016 press release to announce the launch of the book about his life in Saint Lucia.


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  1. In the last several months of Lord Glenconnerd life, the only time I saw "friends, family" come to see him when he was dying..from his young, not so young and old age adonai was the only one..taking him around..running his errands taking crap from Glennconner when he was miss behaving..where were the others..when he was sick.adonai was here with him all the time..if you ask me..adonai deserve all the wealth he got..he was the only one who stuck with Glennconner through thick and thin. All the others care about is material things..same on


  2. We come with nothing we will leave with nothing so why all this bloody nonsense about land?its like little girls in a school playground. The land belongs to st lucia. can you pick it up and take it away?.You people are annoying..


    • Yeh? Tell that to the DuBoulays, Glaces and Charles who had sensible enough parents to realize the importance of leaving behind a legacy. So while you struggle because you don't see any value in having assets and you leave your children to struggle the same as you because apparently you selfishly decided you couldn't take the land with you so why leave it for anyone else, land owners have a very easy time getting their children through life with a long established legacy.

      "Came with nothing, leave with nothing." That sounds like propaganda propagated by someone to keep you on the bottom rung of the economic ladder.

      The only problem with you now, working hard to leave something of value behind for your children, is that if you get a big break like Kent Adonai did here, you would have already made so many children or grew them in an unstable environment, the children don't grow up proper and you end up with conflicts in the family from the poorly instilled family values; the properties you leave behind fall into disrepair and gets sold off and given right back to the white man or, in this modern era, to the Syrian or Chinese who had the sense to raise a family with strong values.


  3. Wow! Yet another story covered by SNO and this time the name of the Journalist is on there. Yes, He is originally from Soufriere, St Lucia and has been in the UK for over three decades. I know him personally and have been following him ever since the days when he use to write for the Voice, Crusader and Lucian Times, which was published by Earl Bousquet. He is a fine writer and gave a lot to Journalism in St Lucia.
    He would write about many things happening in our town of Soufriere. I want to Big Him Up Once More!

    With regards to this ongoing saga, I think it is about time the corrupt powers that be in St Lucia take stock. This land at one time was the property of Michael Jacques whose family comes from Barons Drive and Morne La Croix respectively. He bought the land from his Grandfather Papa Charlie back in the 80's. He then sold some of it to this old colonial Colin Tennant, who used Kent Adonai to buy the land for him since he was not a St Lucian citizen. He never paid Jacques for the land fully. I know all about this property as I live in Soufriere and know Jacques's family. I have been to Morne Lacroix many times and know about the land.

    Kent did look after Tennant and should be given some of his largesse. I don't have a problem with that. But by the same token Michael Jacques should be given his land back. He hired the ex-attorney general of St Lucia who is now dead to represent him and he failed Jacques miserably. He then hired the ex-speaker of the House and this was another huge mistake. This speaker went on to represent Cody Tennant in the just concluded case against Kent. The lawyers in St Lucia are all corrupt and money grabbing. They ought to be ashamed of themselves. This case has been ongoing for the past 30 years and this young man has not had justice. He wrote about his struggles in his memoirs.

    The greedy Tennant family are after Kent for the land which was bequeathed to him by the late peer. Kent has settled with them. They have everything in the UK including castles among the many belongings that Tennant left behind. Why don't they give Michael Jacques his land back? The land was not that of Colin Tennant to give it away in the first place. The powers that be just love to lick the White man boots. Anything White is right to them. I am calling on the current government to appoint a commission of inquiry into the ongoing saga to ascertain who transpired and to allow justice to take it's course.

    In the meantime, I and a large number of people from Soufriere are calling for Michael Jacques to be given his land back. Colin Tennant was not a pleasant man to deal with. I have dealt with him and I can tell you, he was mean and unkind. He took what was not his and took advantage of the black people around him in Morne La Croix and the Pitons. Why weren't the famous celebrities he once accosted there for him when he was ill? They were nowhere to be seen. They say As A Man maketh his bed so shall he lie down in it. He is taking the dirt nap now in the Choiseul cemetery. Where are all the things that he had when he was alive? He could NOT take them with him.No one can take these things with them into the grave.
    We should all rally around our man from Soufriere Michael and to give him support so that he can get his land back. As for that awful photo that the papers in England keep using which portrays Colin Tennant as this slavemaster with his two black servants in the background, I think it's about time they put this picture away. I find it to be offensive to our people in the Caribbean. The British papers just love to fan the flames.

    I will support you all the way Michael Jacques so you can get your land back. Big Up Michael Jacques! I would also like to Big Up The British Based St Lucian Journalist who wrote this story. Keep it up!


    • Spoken like a true clueless individual who has no idea the extent to which if today YOU decided for yourself that you are going to work hard to gain social mobility the sheer number of obstructionists and crabs in a barrel prepared to see to it that that journey is as difficult as possible. You have no clue how your own countrymen, kissing some white man's ass, is responsible for the poverty we all have to struggle with, and the inheritance we have lost, maybe not by you but by one of your forebears.


  4. All the abuse Kent went under tanner today you ‘l want to harass the man . This man lived in fear for that 8 year period , sleeping in boats and under the Bush . St. Lucia is or one of the most corrupted places . Because all that pressure and the hit men came from the upper class . Kent you survive , I know I will continue . Where was the family when tanner was sick and Kent was there taking care of him . Pisss offf and fuck . Blessing to the people who kept Kent safe of the years ??????


    • What you are saying makes no sense. The same way Kent suffered injustice is the same way Jacques has suffered injustice. What is with this double standard?


  5. Wow..the story of mistique goes on...Aoni if you know the truth give him back his know how it felt when everything was taken from you


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