Saint Lucian author publishes book titled “Breaking My Silence”

Saint Lucian author publishes book titled “Breaking My Silence”

A Saint Lucian-born author has launched a new book titled “Breaking My Silence: Surviving and healing myself after years of secrecy, shame, and abuse.”

In her 250 page memoir, Maya Hope Kitwana reveals her childhood nightmares of living in an abusive home.

According to a summary of the book, it exposes her truth and shows how she survived her childhood nightmares.

This book is best described as a graphic, yet fearless look at a woman’s journey through rape, incest, and abandonment-and her movement toward hope, healing, intimacy, and love.

“These nightmares no longer torment Maya Hope Kitwana. Her story provides a lighthouse for others who have suffered abuse. A way out to discover love,” the summary states.

“Maya charts a course that is painful and powerful. This work is about secrets and rage. It is about honesty and revenge. Despair. Faith. Kindness. Over thirty years of silence is too long.”

Maya is the mother of three and is a trained aesthetician and holistic practitioner. She said, “I’ve made it my life’s work to bring out the beauty in—and give comfort—to those I encounter.”

“My Caribbean heritage offers me a different perspective, and my humble beginnings keep me grounded. This journey has taken over thirty years,” she further added.

Maya said writing has become therapy for her and she is happy to have chosen to take steps forward with her story, even as she worked through feelings of shame and embarrassment.

She said, “My hope is that my experiences help people going through similar traumas. I want them to know that I see them, I hear them, and wish them love and healing.”

Maya concludes that walking toward self-love and acceptance was not easy, but she did it and so can others.

Persons interested in purchasing this book can do so online at


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