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Saint Lucian author Loverly Sheridan kicks off ‘Take A Minute’ Bench Campaign for mental health awareness

By Buddy Ambassadors

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(PRESS RELEASE) — Author Loverly Sheridan is continuing on her mission to raise awareness on mental health and wellness in children and adults with her new “Take A Minute” Bench Campaign, which she will kick off at the Corinth Secondary School on June 12 in Saint Lucia.

The campaign was already launched in the United States, in partnership with Mental Health America of Palm Beach County.

The Take A Minute Bench Campaign is geared towards teenagers and adults to raise awareness of bullying, suicide prevention, anger management, and mental health. With the influx of cases surrounding bullying, suicide, crime, and violence in and outside of schools, the author believes this is a great tool to help raise awareness and sensitize the youth, and community at large.

Ms. Sheridan said: “The world is always on fast-forward, with demands from home, work, family, friends and strangers alike. Have we ever stopped to think about the impact this has on our mental and physical health and that of our children? We live in a time when we are more connected, yet so disconnected. The world has never been more isolated. We need to replace “Where’s my phone?” with #takeaminute. It’s the adult bench version of the #buddybench campaign to be placed in high schools, colleges and in the workplace. The Take A Minute Bench campaign is a reminder for all of us to take a minute for ourselves and others, and to live and thrive more often in the NOW! Because our mental and physical health is our greatest wealth!”

The author is thankful to the Ministry of Education, Innovation, Gender Relations and Sustainable Development in Saint Lucia for endorsing the campaign for Secondary Schools. The June 12 launch at the Corinth Secondary School in Saint Lucia will unveil the first Take A Minute Bench sponsored by alumni Kevin Spencer (pilot) and Egbert Alexander (U.S. Navy). Spencer will also be sharing his journey on becoming a successful pilot with students. (For more about Kevin Spencer’s story visit www.loverlysheridan.com.)

Ms. Sheridan hopes to partner with more Saint Lucians at home and abroad to spread the Take A Minute message in schools and in the workplace, in an effort to create an improved climate of tolerance, empathy, peace, and compassion.

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  1. I support this campaign 100 percent, long over due. good job getting started. Too many people young and old are so desperately in need of care. I will do anything to assist . good luck.

  2. Well done, this is a great campaign. I loved the buddy bench idea, I hope this will be just as successful.


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