Saint Lucian appears in court for stabbing sisters

Saint Lucian appears in court for stabbing sisters
From left: Suspect Casy Joseph,
From left: Casy Joseph, and sisters Tricia Valentine and Jolisa Dublin

(St. Lucia News Online) — The Saint Lucian man facing two charges of attempted murder into the stabbing of two sisters in Dominica appeared in court on Friday, April 17.

Casy K. Joseph, 29, of Bexon, Castries, is accused of stabbing his partner, 23-year-old Tricia Valentine and her 17-year-old sister Jolisa Dublin, both of Grand Fond, Dominica at 3:15 p.m on Sunday, April 12, 2020, at a residence in Grand Fond.

He fled the scene but was caught on Wednesday, April 15.

The victims are reportedly in critical but stable condition.

Bail was denied and Joseph was ordered remanded when the court was told he is a non-national and seen as a flight risk.

The court was also told that Joseph’s family in Saint Lucia are arranging legal representation for him.

He is expected to appear in court on July 22 on one charge and August 4 on the other.


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  1. This young man has repeated feightened to kill the sisters. Even after the incident, he promised to return to kill them. He should be given at least 30 years without parole. No bail whatsoever. He is a danger to society both in Dominica and in St Lucia.


  2. The situeze family arranging lawyer s to defend their murderous brother. Don't the state provide lawyers?

    They should make him admit to who he killed in St. Lucua because he kept saying that to the sisters


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