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Saint Lucian air hostess charged with trafficking drugs in Barbados

By SNO Staff

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Dee Plummer

Dee Plummer

A female flight attendant with LIAT, who was arrested on Tuesday by the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF), has been officially charged with trafficking drugs.

Dee Plummer, 33, a Saint Lucia-born air hostess, was allegedly found with drugs in her possession at the Grantley Adams International Airport, after arriving on a flight from Saint Lucia on that same day.

On arriving in Barbados, Plumber was referred to Customs and a search revealed five kilos of cocaine in her handbag. A search warrant was later executed at her apartment and 1.3 grams of cannabis was discovered.

She was charged with: possession with intent to supply, trafficking and importation of cocaine.

A senior police official had confirmed with St. Lucia News Online (SNO) on Wednesday that the female was in police custody in Barbados, and is likely to face charges for the drug-related offense.

LIAT had also issued a statement confirming the incident, and said its management will give its full support for, and cooperation with, law enforcement authorities in relation to any investigations.

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  1. WildIndian....this is your brain this is your brain on drug you must be high od drugs

  2. Oh oh thats to bad

  3. mweh mem ! loool !

  4. This young lady knew the consequences of her actions before she made the choice to proceed with it. No one knows the reason why she choose to do this, so don't judge her.

    • GREED.. so many people out there struggling to get a job like hers,and this is how she Tarnish LIAT as a drug smuggling carrier.

  5. additon to first comment .....then again she in barbados not lucia... but if was in lucia ... id say free her.....

  6. let her go free!!! i don't support the drugs aspect ..but my point for saying this .. the officer at the prison they found with drugs in her private part.. doesn't she still have her job? .. the law is for citizens and not for law makers?? the law is for some and not for all... this judicial system is sooooo backwards in many ways...

    so those in prison for the same crime should be free instead of getting fat on our tax money

    however, it is shameful for someone like this to get involved or be involved in something like this....

  7. How do u give yur daughter a better life. By working hard, sacrifice do without to give her what she needs love, food, clothing roof over her head Not by ill gotten gain. Its wrong, its dam blood money. Drugs kill . You are not part of the solutions your are part of the problems . They should make an example outta of you. Dam fool.

  8. I'm happy they caught her, we do not need another Drug dealer. Drugs kills! God alone knows how long she's been doing that . She had a job, and wanted more. She should be grateful for her job .Hope she learns her Lesson!!!!!!!

    • High five to u!!!!! I know so many young ppl working hard to take care of them selves and raise their children. Bagging for less than minimum wage, doing construction in the hot sun, selling ground provisions by the market before 4am.....making an honest living. God bless these ppl and their generations to come. The bible says cursed is he who dwells among evil men for the snares they have laid for the good.. Believe it or not God reigns.

    • That's true but think of The many big names with big jobs that do no less , these people are shameless and has long been disdain to to society yet The live well with very Little care about what kill and what don't.

  9. You people talk about drugs is dangerous. ....well what about alcohol that the western world is making so much money from the third world and it killing your liver.smh. They cannot produce cociane do they put a ban on it.Preventing the third world of boosting their economy.Without drugs cash flow will be at its minimum out on tge caught so what .next chapter.

    • Irresponsible ignorant comment wildindian. Obviously your brain is the size of a pea. You are probably a drug mule yourself

  10. Smh that is y old ppl tell u neva envey anything u c ppl have bcuz u neva kno what n how they did to get it mayb she wanted to buy a BMW .Lasttime it was the lucian lawyer stealing money in St Vincent now is a lucian flight attendant Smh dem women have no pride n shame for self muchless country chpzzzz

  11. All those claiming she made a mistake nothing wrong with that. I agree yes she got involved in the wrong "side job" if u call that a mistake. However u cannot excuse her blatant disregard of the law just like any other crime. u cannot justify the ends to her means. U have lost focus on the crime committed. She was and God knows how long she has been in the transportation n distribution of cocain ( a very distructive drug) No, she has not murdered anyone but what makes her any less of a threat?? Anyone with relatives who have been crippled by this drug called cocain and the effects it has on not only the user but their family and society know what I mean. I do not know her or what type of person she is but anyone wiling to help put a dangourous drug on the market has an ethical problem and their morale is questionable. I do wish her the best moving forward and hope she channels this experience into drug rehabilitation or relief efforts to stop our youth from getting involved in drugs on the whole. I for one have a 15 yr old son so any effort to rehabilitate (if this can happen) any king pin, drug lord, mule, middle pusher beginning, end, whatever u call them from influencing society I will support the law. Good luck young lady.

  12. St lucia the land of sutiwez. i cannot believe 90% of those comments. thats what you call aiding and abetting. and when we hear murder and all other crimes, we quick to come to cry out to saviour, to politicians and all and yet we find a way of excusing this crime.

    a lot of the violence including the murders and the hiding of the truth, and innocent victims lost, is tied to that very trade. and she is allegedly part and parcel of that chain like many others.

    if we complain we get shouted out about being quick to judge! well judging she deserves and much much more.

    i will quicker feel sympathy for a woman on the street who you all call all kind of names not knowing why she do what she do. i cannot as a person condone just another attempt at living the sky high life and messing up lives, whether it be the addict, the man or woman who paid with their life for being involved in it, or their innocent persons who through no fault of their own have gotten hurt and lost their life.

    there is no sympathy in me for this girl. make so-called pretty face fool you all even if it aint pretty.

  13. You too damn greedy, you should've been happy with your job at Liat. You wanted to get rich overnight well look it pal. You gonna suck salt in jail. Shame on you!

  14. he who is with out sin let him cast the first stone

  15. Such hypocrisy. The young woman face all over the news for couple kilos but I'm yet to see a photo of a one of those rapist

  16. ok everybody is complaining yes she made a mistake and she has to go through her circumstances,but what about the person who muled her into it and yes she could have said no but she choose her own way we all know all the drugs are under cover its always a high ranker abusing those who see it as an extra income,and their faces are never on television and then it will pass,there are so many undercover crap in our island but NOTHING LAST FOREVER,NOTHING.

  17. Now St. Lucians do what the do best "blame ans shame." I am sure all the talkers have their hands in something else which is dirty and they just haven't been caught yet. Don't worry your day will come all you malpalants, especially you the women who like to gossip.

    Why don't you see our youth going down the drain with non-existent services such as health, justice and reform while parents continue to pay income tax, vat, NIC, high food pricesand rents, exhobitant licence fees and mortgages if they can ever find a bank to finance them. Politicians get away with the worst; look one alleging that the other was involved in extra-judicial killings while he himself is reluctant to investigate. I am sure that both allegations are more serious than 2 kilos of cocaine yet we place the accused politicians on a pedestal like is they alone have license for crime.
    Up till now the public is non the wiser about issues such as rape. This lady's pic is right there in the media yet we have erased in our memory the pics on the tele and in our newspapers on other people who were also charged.

    According to the book that you pretend goody goodies like to read from "YEA HYPOCRITES!!"

  18. Did the young lady murder someone u all getting on like that's the end of the world. i mean she made a mistake everyone does. But is the outcome of her mistake is the lesson. Give the girl a break the bigger heads do it in plain sight and i don't hear anyone complain. We like crabs in a bucket fight down each other too much.

    • Give the girl a break.? Someone's son or daughter is hooked on drugs because of people like her. Think before you comment.

    • Yessssss! She murdered indirectly!!!! Clearly she has friends and family who benefitted from the money she made and they are here commenting and supporting her. But somewhere out there is a mother crying because her son or daughter is hooked on cocaine. Who feels it knows it!

  19. No risk no reward babes .prison is not for dogs it's for humans get a degree whiles ur in deh.hold your tongue do your time like a real only smells of money.if u had succeed they all would be like leeches getting good on you.hungry lucians always have te loudest opinions.being poor is the crime.


    The woman do her crime she will do her time. Y'ALL CONCERN ABOUT DAUGHTER... SINCE WHEN?

    It's not like the woman asking y'all to bail her out. SOME OF YOU TALKING BS OH

    You know better
    Nice girl like you

    SCREW YOU...check your self and let people live their life, face the consequences and learn from it.


  21. Well she is not yet sentenced . She might still get to be with her daughter because a fine might be imposed and if it is paid she will be freed to go. Lets accept that she made a mistake in getting involved. Lets not judge her. This experience can make or break her. She should accept that she was wrong , she got caught face the reality and move on. Live for her daughter !!

  22. I want to see the rapists faces....they can do me more harm than Dee... She will pay for her crime but she eh kill nobody...

  23. Dee babe, I don't know why you did what you did but I pray that you come out of this whenever you do a different and better person. We fall down but it's how we get up and move on that makes us better. I'll miss your smile my friend.

  24. Freedom shut the hell up...... this is not about the people posting the comments, its about a young woman with a good career, a girl child at that and threw all away because of a few $$$$$$$$ you get my drift stupid. You are upset because maybe given the chance you would do the same smfh dam idiot.

    • Let me make you understand something you judgmental IDIOTTTTTTTTTT! I hope your closet clean I HOPE there is nothing to hide because you SO VEX that somebody made a mistake?????????

      atleast she was not a rich lawyer who stole! she was a single mother who made a dumb decision to give her daughter a better life.

  25. Poor little girl may the lord guide and protect her also strengthen her mom

  26. Am applying for that job space that liat has now

  27. she move them bricks like the colombians lol

  28. FIVE KILOS.....jeeez lady...thats alot of money you were bringing in

  29. Sorry dee, u know the consequences so take the full force of it. U know better

  30. If you do the crime you got to do the time. Hop the king pin can post her bail

  31. U gonna look prettier in jail clothes..stupid

  32. It was not her first time for her to comfortably travel with it. She was deliberately not stopped because they wanted to have more charges against her. As a flight attendant and all you see happening you should have known better. I'm sure the authorities knew from SLU that she was carrying drugs .

    How do u explain your name being all over the internet for smuggling Cocaine to your little girl? I feel sorry that this has happened, I can only imagine how you are feeling now.... and I am sure there are other who are doing the same , They just haven't been caught... Let's hope you can survive this.... It's a lot of pressure.... Will pray for strength for you.....All the best.

  33. you can never really tell who has their lil lifestyle going me your friends I will show you who you are. I really thought that old saying was a thing of the past. Oh well Dianne !!!!!!!! Poor child now has to go on without you for sometime. Did you even think of your child when doing that pappyshow. You didn't really have to do that to yourself to worldly things like that. You have a damn child. I'm so pissed !!!!!!! You have a young child and a girl at that. Leave her up to society. Shame on you......selfish girl!!!!!!!

  34. I dreamt all my life to be an air were fortunate to get the opportunity instead you let the pusher man fool you.....what is it you wanted so much that your salary couldn't afford you.....girrrl you pretty with no brains!!!

  35. That girl is a good soul. You won't find someone who is as giving and caring. What she did was down right stupid. But she is by no means a selfish evil person. Her daughter is my biggest worry. She was a great mom.

    • A good soul does not go and distribute five kilos for criminal networks. she is a darn criminal who pretended to be ms. goody two shoes with a black stone heart. i dont feel any ounce of pity for this girl at all. maybe she got involved with the wrong guy, dont know. but she had a job and did not have to do that. i should have been the judge on that case, girl I was giving you at least twenty years! the next ones after you would think twice!

      • Leap year u more you more deserve the 20 years and more for the dirty SKELETONS in ur dam closet don't think god ent watching ur a__ _

        • You are just as stupid as your comment! If it is your friend, well, she is evil. Have you seen how many lives have been destroyed by drugs? Greedy girl, locked her up with all the other criminals.

  36. Pretty but stupid! What were you thinking? Greed!!!!!!!

  37. Proverbs 13:11 Dishonest money dwindles away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow. Many people don't like to take time to earn a living but pay for it along the way. I do hope you learn young lady

  38. Hippocrites saying shame shame shame...Please how many of you all stealing from your jobs, sleeping with someone else's man or woman, living dirty life but do it in secret her being caught today yours might be 2moro. Did what u had to to make your ends meet. I wouldn't do it but I won't judge you. Tough luck

  39. AA really now?? Dee really?? you saw all the others that have gone and the fate they ended in but you still chose to leave your daughter behind. Shame on you!!

  40. nice girl like you. shame.

  41. omg well i guess no risk no reward no guts no glory was her motto

  42. well Liat now have a job opening.

  43. AA. What Dee do?

    • sigh...the same thing i keep asking myself????

    • OMG Dee really, shame on you. You have not only destroyed your life you have destroyed your daughters life, your family and friends. I am deeply disappointed in you. SHAME.... OH that's what it was......


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