Saint Lucian air hostess arrested for drugs in Barbados

Saint Lucian air hostess arrested for drugs in Barbados
* NOT actual person.
* NOT actual person.

A female flight attendant with LIAT was on Tuesday arrested and held for questioning by the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF) for a drug-related offense.

The Saint Lucia-born air hostess was allegedly found with cocaine in her possession at the Grantley Adams International Airport, after arriving on a flight from Saint Lucia on that same day.

A senior police official confirmed with St. Lucia News Online (SNO) on Wednesday that the female is still in police custody in Barbados and is likely to face charges for the drug-related offense.

The police official said the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) was informed of the arrest and will be given details shortly. However, until such time they are unable to provide any information.

Regional news media have reported that Barbados’ Police Public Relations Officer, David Welch, also confirmed the arrest and said the female LIAT employee will inevitably face charges.

LIAT has also issued a statement confirming the incident, and said its management will give its full support for, and cooperation with, law enforcement authorities in relation to any investigations.


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  1. Suttee!!! Salop!!!! Can't feel sorry for her!!!! Too many families have been destroyed by drugs! Happy your greedy, wicked self got caught! ?☕️


  2. what is her crime
    if it personal use set her free
    if it is for dealing charge her
    now mariguana is medicine and became legal in United States
    even cocain is stimulant not sedative
    so set her free it is not your right to detain a girl it is larger crime than the event itself
    God save her


  3. It might not be her first time she is doing it, but her first time getting caught.I have no sympathy for people caught with the possession of drugs.Drugs causes too much pain for the families of those addicted to it while the drugs lord get rich.It shows how weak we are when we can't say NO to the ills of society.


  4. Why they keep blaming these girls. They are so naive I think the authorities should do a thorough investigation on the pilots and other people working with these airlines ;come on now . These girls were obviously promise that they were going to get a great deal . I dont think those girls that are caught with drugs will go ahead and to it on they own just so.someone apparently guaranteed them they will not get caught and it is one of the big boys.
    That is so sad. I hope others who are thinking of taking the chance will not do it because at the end you end up taking the blame
    So it really don't worth it


  5. She's such a greedy idiot.......Am saying if this is true come down on her with the full penalty of the law,I have no sympathy for her she's not mentally incompetence.


  6. For the past few months it was like only Jamaicans you were hearing being caught with drugs at Grantley Adams. It was like every week they catching one in Bim. There were Canadians as well,I had never heard of a St.Lucian and I had liked that.
    But the stupid fool see nothing to do but put Lucian name in that mess.
    Have a nice stay at Dodds.


  7. Dumb fool..a good career some would die for for...Why???? In this day of all technology why are you so foolish...You can't get away with drugs ,stop it cools.
    And now what? You lost it all trying to gain the world


  8. Greed,greed and more greed. Some are never satisfied with what they legally earn. SO DISGRACEFUL.


  9. She couldn't have left well alone, oh no she just couldn't. She had to mimic the Jamaican air hostess, the only good thing was she did not leave her Gucci shoes behind and ran to the nearest escape to board a return flight to St. Lucia. I wonder what will be her excuse. Oh yes she did not know that she was carrying drugs. Just saying


    • She'll be ok, friends and family keep her in our prayers. Indeed what she did was not right, however who are we to judge.


      • Some of you'll like to sing "who are we to judge" when it is your family or close friend.
        However you are quick to condemn another example a thief breaking into someone's home.
        Next time keep all lawbreakers in your prayers.


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