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Saint Lucian advocate recommends counselling, not jail time, for violent girl in viral video

By SNO Staff

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Browne (left) said the incident involving the girl hitting and dragging her younger sibling warrants counselling not an arrest.

(SNO)  — The young female who beats and drags her sister in a viral Saint Lucia video should not be arrested but receive counselling.

That’s the view of Human and Gender Rights Advocate Felicia Dujon Browne.

Speaking to St. Lucia News Online on Monday, Oct. 8, Browne said she does not support violence against children in any form, but an arrest is “extreme”. She believes the parent/s for the siblings need to be contacted and allow them to get counselling.

“We are too quick to arrest young people,” she pointed out. “There are more criminals out there to arrest.”

Law enforcement sources said police are investigating the incident and social workers have already been contacted.

Browne, meanwhile, went on to say that the females in the violent incident appear to be both children, and their parents should also be held accountable.

She explained: “In many cases, childcare duties fall on the oldest of the siblings, who is pressed into service to take care of the younger ones. However, there are times when the older sibling may not have the maturity or patience to manage the discipline of their young siblings and may become verbally or even physically abusive to the younger siblings.

“We should remember that they are both young people and need the guidance from their parents and loves one. it is the responsibility of the parents to provide clear instructions/guidelines on discipline in their absence.”

Browne pointed out that the siblings should receive some counselling on communication.

“They both seem to become violent towards each other which should be avoided. Keep in mind that perhaps the older sister was attempting to bring the younger sister home and she refused. The older sister just made an error in judgement and should not be criminalised for it. She needs guidance in how to address her sibling’s disobedience,” Browne added.

However,  some police officers do not agree with Browne. Well, the majority of them St. Lucia News Online spoke with today, believe the older sibling deserve some time at the station.

“The young girl can be arrested for assaulting her younger sister. If she caused any injuries she can be charged with harm or wounding depending the extent of the injuries,” one of the officers said on condition of anonymity.

“I would arrest and charge her,” the officer added. “There’s counselling available through the court if you pursue that route. There’s nothing mandating that she attends counselling if organised by a police officer, however a magistrate can order these as terms of her sentencing. If she’s brave enough to do it in public, she’s more than likely done it in private.

“I would not take the risk of having her return home without some safety measures formally in place for the victim. Wouldn’t want to have that on my conscience. People may think it’s more personable to refer her to a counsellor but how soon will that appointment actually be facilitated and how seriously will she take it?” the officer explained.

Another officer agrees that “social services would be the one to file a case of child abuse”.

According to one other police officer, the possible charges are assault and child endangerment,

“That is no way to discipline a child,” the cop told St. Lucia News Online. “And that’s where child protective services come in, to investigate these occurrences.”

The officer added, however, that one should not be too hasty about pressing charges.

“You see a lot of people are unable to cope with the difficulties of life and have been driven to a point of frustration — not that it’s an excuse for abuse. Just a look at the video and I see the mother or whoever she is, seems to be going through some sort of difficulty,” the officer stated.


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  1. yes this young woman needs help, you could see she has lot
    s of anger inside her.but she needs to know that her action is a very serious one and if repeated she must be penalised for it.

  2. yes this young woman needs help you could see she has lot
    s of anger inside her.but she needs to know that her action is a very serious one and if repeated she must be penalised for it.even when she get counselling.

  3. Am happy to hear counsellors are avaliable to families, we need that. I remember taking care of my nieces and nephews at the age of 13years because my sister fleed an abusive marriage and I was the ladt left at home. I hated it but had to do it cause my parents were older and unable too deal with raising them. Though I never misstreated them I was secretly angry at them for a long time. My point is we don't know the issues surrounding this home so give the young girl a chance to get help so she can do better. Educate her to remove the brokenness and start a new cycle. She looks young and probably fustrated and might have issues of her own too.

  4. How the hell a Feminist and a Man hater be a Genda Rights Advocate? Felicia is nothing than a man hater, while looking for excuses for female criminal activities.

  5. Why should Young Children be force to be parents before their time. Parents need to be responsible to care for their children. It's not fair to the young Child who has to parent her little sister. Let her enjoy her childhood and youth. Parents must step up and stop doing what some of our brothers and sisters went through in the older days.. The police need to get the parents and find out why a child is supervising her unruly little sister.
    Ms. Brown please find a place for the young child to live and let the parents get someone else to care for their rude child. All the child is suppose to do is wash some dishes, feed themselves and do their home work. She is not the parent she is a child. I hate to see children being treated like parents to younger ones. Give them a break! Parents enjoying their SEX and other children have to pay the price????

  6. Sad, you reap what you sow. It all starts with upbringing and sometimes surroundings.

  7. First off if i was this little girl's Father, I would push to get that Advacate- because that is what she is. can you make that suggestion?. So you are teaching Mothers to be abusive and get away with it. I wish the B*TCH would. We need to come together all Citizens both here and abroad to at least to get such Garbage out of our legislature. I am not comparing home with the USA but atleast give the kids an opportunity to call a hotline to report any abuse. Mama Chien La che cout!!!!. Lock the HOE up. Take the kids away from her. set an example for other abusive Parents.

  8. I know that today, older brothers and sisters do not feel the same type of obligation to fill in the shoes of their parents if these should die or become incapacitated. But if this sister is disciplining her younger sister in the wrong way, that is not a call for an arrest. Both of them need help.

    The powers that be are always quick, with great inattention to those higher up, to pick the low hanging fruit

  9. really she should be arrested if she is an adult. if she young get the parent involve and concealing. simple

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  11. The young man arrested in dennery for arguing and cursing the police should get counseling too no? Too much damn hypocrisy. If a father had done the sane thing you would have been calling for him to be hung by the balls.

  12. Even we as adults get fustrated with our own children so I believe this sisters need counselling for now,if it happens again then they can take action

  13. I agree with Ms Brown on the councillong and do it jail time since yhere are bigger criminals out there to face jail time.

    However these girls have no proper parentall guidance as their mom isn't exactly in the fittest position to care for them. This little girl needs a home where she can be fed properly and nurtured.

    The report above however did stated "Keep in mind that perhaps the older sister was attempting to bring the younger sister home and she refused. The older sister just made an error in judgement and should not be criminalised for it."

    But on a point of correction that was not the case. The older sibling was abusing the younger sibling because she threw down her new born baby. Whether it was an accident or deliberate that is no way to discipline a child.

    This little girl was running for her life as you could see in the video they were all bare foot. That is not wherenough they live and this little it'll allspice ring of get Allis far away from home allows possible possible on foot but the older sister caught up with her.
    somebody please help this little girl she deserves a safe house to call home.


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