Saint Lucia Youth Representative to attend 10th Commonwealth Youth Forum in Malta

Saint Lucia Youth Representative to attend 10th Commonwealth Youth Forum in Malta

wendllPRESS RELEASE – Wendell Bertrand will be leaving saint Lucia to attend the 10th Commonwealth Youth Forum which will be held during the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Malta from 20th November 2015 to 29th November 2015.

Wendell Bertrand was selected from a poll of over one thousand nominees from across the Commonwealth. He is one of 8 young Caribbean youths to make representation at this youth forum and the only one selected from across the OECS countries to make representation on the Commonwealth Youth body. Wendell Bertrand currently serves as the Commonwealth Youth Peace Representative for Saint Lucia along with Mr. Ryan James.

Wendell is also knowing for his youth involvement locally and regionally having attended many youth exchanges especially with the Duke of Edinburgh International Award Program Saint Lucia where he has attained his Bronze, Silver and Gold awards over the years. Wendell Bertrand would like to thank his supportive family, the Duke of Edinburgh International Award Family,  Mr. Vincent Pascal, The Hon. Shawn Edward for his full support and all who have supported him for this opportunity to represent.

He believes that young people should be placed at the forefront of innovation in economic,social ,cultural and political change not only locally but globally. On the other hand he also noted that the youth bear the brunt of major international development challenges resulting in social, economic and political exclusion occasioned by high rates of poverty, unemployment , victimization and dis-empowerment.

Wendell Bertrand wishes to see more young persons at the forefront of national development and help bring about the desired changes in all policy affecting the livelihood of young people in Saint Lucia.


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