Saint Lucia won’t reopen automatically after partial shutdown: Chastanet

Saint Lucia won’t reopen automatically after partial shutdown: Chastanet
PM Chastanet (file photo)
PM Chastanet (file photo)

(St. Lucia News Online) — Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has addressed concerns about his planned phased reopening of Saint Lucia.

Chastanet said although the current partial shutdown expires on April 26, 2020, this does not mean that the country will automatically be reopened.

He made those remarks on his official Facebook page on Thursday as persons in political circles argue that he is gambling with the lives of Saint Lucians in light of the fact that the World Health Organization has declared that the COVID-19 pandemic has not yet reached its peak in the Caribbean.

Saint Lucia has recorded 15 confirmed COVID-19 cases and no deaths. Of the 15, health authorities said 11 have recovered.

However, facing mounting criticism against his “phased reopening” plan, Prime Minister Chastanet appears to have toned down a bit on his optimism.

“Whilst we are hoping to announce a phased reopening after this date, there are still several other factors which we must take into consideration before this is done. One of these will obviously be, whether any new cases of COVID-19 have been recorded on the island, as well as the advice and recommendations given by the chief medical officer and officials from the Ministry of Health,” he said.

The prime minister went on to say that he understands that many Saint Lucians are restless, however, “we must also understand that we have to be patient given that these are not normal times”.

“We definitely do not want a situation where we reopen the country, then become forced to shut down once again due to a reemergence of COVID-19 infections,” he noted.

“Let us continue to practice social distancing, frequent sanitation and remaining home when we feel sick. The more we continue to follow these protocols, the sooner we will be able to get back to some form of normalcy,” he added.


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  1. Well as far as I can see the country goes thru all what other countries are. If big brother does not say open he can not open. I want the PM to know Donald Trump has stop funding WHO and banned the contagion model that bill gates had them using n also Dr Fauci n bill Gates has been banned for causing panic n fear in people causing world economy crash. No matter how long he takes to reopen please don't bring this all must take vaccine thing on the island. Bill gates does not vaccinate his own children n unless he does I won't.

    The PM needs to let the public know that he has a plan in place n an idea as to how soon he thinks we can reopen the country. He does not want mass hysteria n suicides on his hands n he should pay no attention to the slp.

    America is planning to reopen the country in May n other parts in June. There is new front line surgeon General called Adams who is saying something different from WHO.

    This is not they say or false news...St Lucia news on line can look it up.


  2. In the Statutory Instrument posted on Allen Chastamet's page most places are minimal operations. So why is it hardware stores are operating the full time??????


  3. I think the pm is making a good decision by not opening the country yet because it is not clear yet .


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