Saint Lucia wins regional agriculture video competition

Saint Lucia wins regional agriculture video competition
First-place winner Jelani Paul with Ms. Judith Francis, CTA.
First-place winner Jelani Paul with Ms. Judith Francis, CTA.

PRESS RELEASE – Jelani Paul and Kareem Larcher participated in the 2014 Caribbean Science and Agriculture Film and Video Competition which was hosted by Trinidad.

Paul and Larcher won with a video entitled “The Fruit of Life”.

The Fruit Of Life is a fictional short film based upon a young girl, Miracle, who has received the gift of her great grandfather’s plans for his Coconut Processing Plant.

Miracle’s grandmother Ashia, carries her along a story based journey which enriches her with strength, wisdom, and perseverance. These three words keep Miracle grounded as she presents her compelling story to a group of investors.

Jelani and Kareem are presently in Suriname for the awards ceremony.

See winning video below


1st place: The Fruit of Life by Kareem Larcher and Jelani Paul

2nd Place: Breadfruit Versatile by Randy McLaren, Julene Robinson, Veronique Smith and Brian Johnson.

3rd Place: Captin V by Kemar Mcinnis,Tannecia James, Marc James and Cleon Ewers

Reciepeints of special prizes:

1) “CEMEPRO” by Lionel stevens, Kareem Warner, Kurt Richards and Damien Woodley

2) Food Apocalypse by Kelly- Ann Murphy, Jason Carmichael, Sharika Stanford and Julian Evelyn.

The viewers choice award:

3 Fey Epina by Renel Pierre Louis


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  1. CONGRATS................ wow this is very impressive and I hope more young persons will be motivated/inspired by this good work


  2. Great stuff! Stories like this give our young people hope. Many positive stories out there! Thanks for sharing. Great job Jelani and Kareem! We are proud of you!


  3. Way to go boys!!! Keep up the good work making our small island known to the other regions that we have class acts among our people. Good job!


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