Saint Lucia will have a new prime minister by Christmas, says Frederick

Saint Lucia will have a new prime minister by Christmas, says Frederick
Frederick (left) and Pierre
Frederick (left) and Pierre

(SNO) — The next general elections in Saint Lucia are constitutionally due in 2021. However, former government minister under the United Workers Party (UWP) Richard Frederick believes there will be a change in leadership way before that date. Actually way, way before that.

“I’m seeing down the line,” he said, “and I see for Christmas, I see for Christmas there’ll be the installation of a new prime minister in this country and Richard Frederick will lead the charge. I will lead the charge. I will!”

Frederick made the remarks in front thousands of people during a protest march organised by the main Opposition St. Lucia Labour Party (SLP), on Sunday, Sept. 9.

And who would be a better replacement for Chastanet?

“I call on you, Philip J Pierre. I shall support you to become prime minister. I say this without hesitation,” Frederick said.

The talk show host and attorney also made his intentions to contest the next elections very clear.

“I want you to tell Chastanet, I say I will be coming up for the next elections,” he said.

Meanile, during the SLP’s  press conference last Wednesday, Pierre was quizzed about Frederick’s statements, and about the former UWP politician’s relationship with the SLP.

“Richard Frederick spoke as an independent citizen on Sunday. Independent! Very independent,”” Pierre emphasized.

“I am leader of the SLP. As we speak, we have six election candidates. I cannot read Mr. Richard Frederick’s mind. I’m not in a position to read Richard Frederick’s mind,” Pierre added.

Will Frederick become a welcome addition to the SLP team?

Pierre’s response was cautious and somewhat vague. “The SLP has a process by which it chooses its election candidates. Anybody who wants to run for the St. Lucia Labour party has to go through the process.”



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    • Some people believe that the international drug trade needs an entire political party to represent that group. But in Saint Lucia? We all know that they are awash with money. But must the already corrupt and brainless and decaying SLP leadership behaviour continue to embarrass us, and betray the memories of the struggles of the labouring class since the 1930s now with this?

      These slimeballs do not, in any shape or form, represent the ideals nor the mission of the founder of the SLP, George F. L. Charles. They have always worn disguises. These pseudo-intellectuals who took over since the emergence of SLAM have always had sinister motives. Today, they do no longer even feel that they must hide their treasonous motives or intentions. These are in plain view.

      Elections have consequences, as a large number of Americans and other countries today are learning. Some with great bitterness. But SLP having lost the last elections by way of the ballot box, are they, as the forces of pure evil, unashamedly telegraphing their monied power to destabilize by even saying when they will attempt to take over by force?


    • Robert and yet still Trump runs Babylon. People attached themselves yo your past when you have evolved, yet they are still on the past. Careful with a guy who hangs onto the past, he cannot see the present and most certainly will miss the future.


    • #WalkAway #TheResistance #NeverSLP The pits that the 'Left', Labour is digging shall be their own grave. Those who shout the loudest usually have the most to hide....Why is Labour shouting so much. Why is Labour so vocal in their support for the Venezuelan Dictatorship. Are they scared that some of their names are on the indictment lists? Only time will tell, but the Left is desperate.


  1. Yes I believe this country needs better but none of you slp or uwp .A new honest hard working country first not party God fearing men .all of these guys are teething slp ,uwp . Out with old in with the new look out the fireman is coming.


    • I really agree with you?? ST Lucia has tried both sides but none worked, can we keep doing the same thing and expect a different result? No that is the definition of maddness! So lets try something new??✊?


      • It is not the party, jackass, that has the influence or the power on either side. It is who becomes the PM. Jackass voters like you cling to a party for the spoils of victory and not for the development of the country. Development of the country comes a close 10th position on a scale of 1 to 10.

        That is why the country goes from one corrupt set of politicians to the next. Followers today will defend any kind of crap, as long as its their party doing it. When we wake up and smell the coffee, one day, then that will change. Then we will call ignoramus country bookies with no frigging ideas for the good of the country, for what they really are. Only then, fewer and fewer dumb-ass politicians will gain votes, and not just because they are wearing that frigging colour Tee shirt or the next one.


  2. Richard Frederick in a red shirt. These labour fellas mad. Compton knew what he was doing when he had Frederick in the party. You all must be mad if you all think you can fraternize with Richard Frederick. Trust me, not one swing voter will be voting for any party that affiliates themselves with Richard Frederick.


  3. The lunatic is on a rampage.....You can fly the friendly skies as much as you want on your broomstick,you can offer the devil your soul if you have one still,you can jump high and low this will NEVER happen. You this unicorn stay in your section you will always be a has been, plan your coupe d'etat not even that will work. So long sucker nice knowing you. Ha ha you brokes not much coming in these days our waters are well protected thanks to our PM get yourself a job are you not an Attorney? Did Kenny take your licence too me choo are.


  4. Will Labour be staging another coup attempt to get this done? Are the narco-industry underground troops ready to take over the media houses just like Mr. Hoodlum once did? Are they ready to establish curfews and checkpoints?

    We have already seen the Five Star General on stage. Will Maduro and Cuba be sending auxiliary troops? Who is about to be murdered and the body disappearing just as in the case of Maurice Bishop in Grenada, this time? Tell us you rogues!


  5. Please come clean as to why your bisa was evoked by the US govt... SLP now associated with Fredrick very scary indeed


  6. Unbelievable, you are indeed a dog. After all what they did to you. No shame! How can you watch your nasty self in the mirror.


    • Woo, be alert all; evil has been enlarged in St. Lucia politics; evil words, evil threats, evil contenders.
      Let us raise SLU high to God and ask Him to preserve our country from this scourge.


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