Saint Lucia welcomes New Year babies

Saint Lucia welcomes New Year babies
Tinique Maxwell and her new born baby boy.
Tinique Maxwell and her new born baby boy.

The first babies of the New Year have been born at maternity units across the country.

The first to arrive at St. Jude’s Hospital was a baby boy, who was born at 5:20 a.m. He weighed in at 6 lbs., 8 oz.

The boy, who has not yet been given a name, was welcomed into the world by mother Tinique Maxwell, who is from Pierrot, Vieux Fort.

Maxwell, 17, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that she is happy to be a mother, but admitted that it will be a challenging task for her, since it’s her first child.

Meanwhile, another baby boy was the first to born at Victoria Hospital. He was born at 1:20 a.m. and weighed in at 8 lbs.

His mother, Zena Marshall, 22, of Bexon, who already has a two-year-old son, said she is happy to have another boy.

There were several other babies born on New Year’s Day.

Tinique's baby.
Tinique’s baby.

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  1. 17...child I should be seeing you in SALCC graduation pics not under this caption. However whats done is done I hope you get the assistance you need in raising this boy so he can be an upstanding citizen and not a teenage parent


  2. "Commentator" should be called "commanshitter" because his or her comments are always shitty!!!! ????


  3. I couldn't agree with you more Commentator. We need more births otherwise our pensions will be in danger. Folks need to educate themselves on population issues. The documentary A demographic winter does an excellent job of explaining the danger of population control.


  4. so a 17 year old and 22 year old with children. and also the others born in the new year too are likely from that age range. people we dont need to populate the ghettos or the gangs. thats where a lot of these young people born in poverty to people who can barely feed themselves end up. often they are not even proper role models for these kids who have to make their own way in life very young often with disastrous consequences. time for a re-education campaign. that is the crux of the youth problem we have in st lucia. many people who should not be making children are making kids and the cycle of poverty never ends. we need to be more conscious because the problem then is not only the young mothers and unfortunate kids, these people become the crime problem that can affect all of us.


    • What makes you believe they all are products of poverty? Are you one of those hacks who continuously choose to condemn young persons because of errors they are still young enough to change? As much as children can be products of circumstances, condemnation can only serve no good purpose. Furthermore I am in my thirties and expecting my first child just like about 8 other women I know. For your information, I am certainly no product of opulence. Could I have gotten impregnated at a very early age? Absolutely but I managed to dodge it gracefully.


      • The truth hurts darling. The statistics do not lie. This generalisation above permits for anamolies, meaning that some persons born to young mothers will be just fine and they will go on to accomplish their goals and dreams and make their parents proud. The vast majority of young pople who have kids are unable to provide them with the opportunities required to break the cycle of poverty. And if you and the others wish to bury your heads in the sand and fail to admit that this "spate of children-making children" is leading to a vicious cycle of poverty and crime in the island, then all of you are welcomed to do so. Do u ever wonder where the mothers of the three kids who went on to rape and destroy the lives of the young women in Rodney Bay were? Do you ever wonder what type of parents that those criminals who do anything willy nilly had ? My dear I do. And chances are if we searched in their background we would realise that crucial parental support; mother and father was often absent. But like most St. Lucians we fail to analyse we fail to evaluate because our education did not extend beyond the "blockos and the stree fetes". and even when some do, they can carry that same "street mentality" with them when it comes to coming up with valid arguments and answers. and we wonder why our society , government and leadership are in such a quandary.


        • 'Lame' you are obviously newly educated but lack wisdom. Statistics don't lie, but perhaps you should state a time frame as well, for statistics are never solely based on numbers when considering demographics. How old were your parents when you were born? If you were not the first, how old is your oldest sibling?

          You are obviously a little too bright-eyed and swell-headed to take heed of what sense others may try to instill.


  5. My dear you need to wake up and smell the coffee. With all the VAT and unemployment you want people to make babies like crazy. Standard of living I way too expensive in St Lucia.


  6. We need to increase our birth rate which has been declining steadily over the years. One impact of the declining birth rate is shrinking student populations in public schools which has implications for student-to-teacher ratios.
    In the 1980s Saint Lucia had the second highest birth rate in the Western Hemisphere which inspired Ashanti's song "St. Lucia getting low, low, low and she population grow, grow, grow...Helen"


    • I hope u giving us the money to take care of all these children to give them the proper care ,
      treatment and necessities they need


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