“Saint Lucia We Love” video released

“Saint Lucia We Love” video released

Castries, February 28, 2013 – When “Saint Lucia We Love” was released ahead of Independence 34, the write-up that accompanied the single from Marley “Mongstar” James predicted it was destined to become a Saint Lucian anthem.

One year later and the song continues to grow in popularity, embraced as it is by all Saint Lucians regardless of gender, age or location. The release of the music video on Friday, February 22, 2013 aptly demonstrated that, garnering close to 10,000 hits in a matter of days.

The video puts a visual face on locations in the song that was produced by Saint Lucian Courtney “Curty” Louis who also co-wrote “Saint Lucia We Love”. These include the Gros-Islet Friday night street jump up, the community of Marigot, clubbing in Rodney Bay and scenic Soufriere.

The “Saint Lucia We Love” video was directed by Ted Sandiford of Acid Kreationz who was assisted by Kareem Stanley of Meerakulos Art.

He is overwhelmed by the public embrace of his work.

“I feel elated when I see the number of positive responses and feedback on the video,” he says. “It encourages me to keep developing my craft.”

Sandiford previously directed the “Hey Scady” and “Ramen” music videos; both songs were also released by Dutch Productions/Stratosphere Music, a Saint Lucian-based production house and label owned and operated by Courtney Louis.

The “Saint Lucia We Love” video ends with a sneak peak at “Nationality”, a single the label released days before Independence 34. Here too, Mongstar sings about his love for Saint Lucia, except it is a more personal story in a song that calls for unity and respect for Saint Lucian artistes and music.

“Nationality” also pays homage to Darren Sammy and Leverne Spencer while also reminding Saint Lucians that we are all winners in our own right. Love of country comes naturally to the boy from Marigot, the first ever winner of the Piton Soca Starz competition in 2010. Mongstar says touring in the US, Canada and the region has only reinforced how much he truly loves home.

“Saint Lucia is in my heart. I miss it when I am gone and always look forward to returning.”

He continues: “I am blessed to work with a producer who has himself lived and worked outside of Saint Lucia. Curty gets it and that’s why we are able to give Saint Lucians and the world these songs.”

The “Saint Lucia We Love” video can be seen on local television stations as well as YouTube.

“Nationality” has been released to all local and regional radio stations.


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  1. LOL. Some creolists spell it Kreyol. So there may be even more veorisns of this than you even thought Christopher. I think I've seen Kreol too, but don't remember where. I've even seen Krio, I think although referrin to a portuguese-derived creole.


  2. I hope they pay those guys what's due to them. The song is very patriotic and has a great melody. In St. Lucia only I see great songs go to waste and the artists do not get a deserving amount of money for their talent.


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