Saint Lucia – University of Vermont partnership continues to blossom

Saint Lucia – University of Vermont partnership continues to blossom
University of Vermont
University of Vermont

Saint Lucia continues to reap benefits from its partnership with the University of Vermont.

The premier research university is based in Burlington, Vermont and boasts seven undergraduate colleges and schools.

The bilateral agreement between the University of Vermont and the Ministry of Commerce, Business Development, Investment and Consumer Affairs, now into its 12th year, continues to provide mutual benefits.

The university students undertake development projects throughout the island, resulting in a positive socio-economic environment locally.

Information Assistant within the ministry, Damian Monrose, explained the origins of the collaboration.

“It started off when the former director of Consumer Affairs Philip McLauren met Professor Jane Kolodinsky of the University of Vermont at the Consumer Caucus. And for the last 10 years, Vermont has sent students down here to assist in various areas of development projects,” Monrose said.

Professor at the University of Vermont, Kevin Stapleton, explained that projects are identified to develop both Saint Lucia and the Vermont students.

“The biggest success for us is that our students each year get the opportunity to come down here and be exposed to the people of Saint Lucia and get an opportunity to do a project that is meaningful and beneficial,” Stapleton said.

Projects under this partnership include:

* a wind mill in Praslin to produce energy for the fishing dock
* a survey on the transport system
* a survey on the Value Added Tax
* a solar project at Latille Falls.


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