Saint Lucia to undertake education reform

Saint Lucia to undertake education reform

The government of Saint Lucia, in its bid for quality and equality in education, has made pronouncements to embark on partial school zoning.

In her Throne Speech entitled “Sowing The Seeds Of Opportunity” Governor General of Saint Lucia Dame Pearlette Louisy spoke of her governments’ plans to tackle the ever persistent problem of providing quality education to the people of Saint Lucia.

She said: “The current system places students into secondary schools purely on grades with no consideration to where the child lives unless on their own deliberate choice. This system has come under some criticism in the past for its inadequacies and the time has come for a change. The time has come when we must change such an inefficient system of placement, which puts the burden on parents and on the state to transport students for many miles to schools outside of their communities.

“Currently there exist cases where students from the south travel daily to attain an education in the north which most times is a financial burden. Government intends to further equitize resources and human capital to remove the impression that certain schools are better than others.

“The zoning process will ultimately mean that students will be spread more by geography than by grade, thus creating more equitable schools in all communities

“My government intends to begin in the new academic year, the partial zoning of entry into secondary schools through the Common Entrance Examination. This method will still allow students choices of schools outside of their assigned district, but will ensure that there is greater equity in distribution of students. Government however wishes to make it clear that it will continue the policy of subsidizing those students who are assigned to attend selected schools beyond their home communities. There will also be consultation on the particulars of this strategic reform to ensure smooth and effective implementation.”


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  1. Please understand the facts before making your comments on this story.

    'Partial Zoning' will apply to students who do not perform well enough to get into any of their first 5 choices of secondary schools. If they are unable to do so, they will attend the nearest secondary school to where they currently reside.

    If your child is an 'A' student, you will logically put choices of schools which have the reputation of performing well... and which also have other 'A' students.

    Get your facts straight!


  2. Until all student going to secondary school fall at grades of 45% and up I find zoning is a waste of time. I don't want my A or B student among D's and E's. Teacher will now have the problem of slower students keeping back the progress of faster students. The idea of some school are better is because better student go to these schools. The need to reform in the primary school system instead of touching secondary schools. A student with a 20% mark at the end of Common Entrance Should not be. The need to fix that first if the base is rotten fixing the top will not help it stand better


    • This is ridiculous, my grade "A" child will be stuck with children that are not performing instead of children he can compete with in order to improve. If government were doing things to improve the country's GDP, then parents would be able to pay bus fare for their children instead of it being a burden on government...smh


      • Clearly those bent on criticizing did not do well in the basics of Reading and Comprehension. Otherwise, they would realize that their "A" students would not be compromised by the partial zoning system, since the "partial zoning" would ONLY apply in cases where the "A" student DID NOT make it to their first three choices. (And we wonder why the youth are so hasty? It's because they feed off the example set by their parents!!!)


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