Saint Lucia to strengthen border security, says PM Chastanet

Saint Lucia to strengthen border security, says PM Chastanet
PM Allen Chastanet
PM Allen Chastanet
PM Allen Chastanet

Government is working with the police to beef up security at all major port of entries, specifically between Martinique and Saint Lucia, to protect the island from the threat of increased drug trafficking.

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet said Saint Lucia is ‘unfortunately’ paying the penalty for the ease in which people are trafficking drugs and this must come to an end.

His comments comes in light of a recent drug bust at the Hewenorra International Airport on Sunday, where cocaine was detected in coconuts moments before it was loaded onto a flight destined for the United Kingdom.

Chastanet said, “We have to make it more difficult for people involved in drug trafficking, to be able to do business in this region…We have to recognise that Saint Lucia is a target.”

The prime minister said the island is not only a target because of major international flights coming here, but  predominantly because of Saint Lucia’s close proximity to Martinique.

“Once they get the drugs into Martinique, it is much easier to get it into Europe,” Chastanet explained.

Meanwhile, commenting on the recent bust, Agriculture Minister Ezechiel Joseph said he is pleased that the cocaine was intercepted before leaving Saint Lucia.

Joseph told the media on Tuesday that he is of the strong opinion that cocaine traffickers are targeting agriculture produce to conduct their illegal business, making it difficult for farmers.

“You would understand the negative impact that would have if it left our shores. We were able to intercept it at Vieux Fort and we will see what can be done…we have to remain vigilant,” Joseph said.

The police is yet to issue a formal statement on the recent cocaine bust.


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  1. We should be using technology to scan baggage entering and leaving all our ports. Our national reputation is at stake. The workers should also as a condition of employment service as in the our prison be subjected to routine lie-detector and drug tests. Let's harden our vulnerabilities.


  2. In total agreement, put St Lucians first, in my opinion strengthen border control shouldn't be prioritised over 1. Improving the economy, 2. health - St Judes and EU hospitals 3. IMPACS (DPP appointed finally) 4. farming etc.

    Strengthen of borders is more to the benefit of EU i.e. Britain / France..

    The British House of Parliament have the most coke heads in it. And that's real talk, research it.

    We NEVER created the cocaine trade Ronald Regan and the CIA did.


  3. Thats true but maybe just maybe if the bigger heads were making it easier to get a daily bread instead of oppressing the poor people with high taxes and other stuff maybe just maybe there would be less drug traffickers


  4. Ok Chas, u have my support on this. To all the peddlers out there, if Chas is truly serious, the game is over.


    • Agreed. Good job on this Chastanet and I support you 100%.

      It's about time this drug infestation/dealers to stop and for the people of St Lucia to earn and work in the right way for their money.


  5. Allen you cant stop drugs. The very police are allegedly involved in that field. Find something better else to focus on...will you


    • yeah, just forget about the killings and assaults that come with the drugs. just become a lawless country. get a clue mon.


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