Saint Lucia to prosecute bearers of fake coronavirus information

Saint Lucia to prosecute bearers of fake coronavirus information
Chastanet said the mechanism is in place for disseminating information

(SNO) – Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has vowed that his government will prosecute anyone who spreads false information on the coronavirus which results in creating panic on the island.

Speaking to reporters after a meeting with stakeholders last week, he said the virus is in the neighbourhood and his government has the mechanism in place to disseminate the correct information to the public.

“There are phone numbers available to people, so anybody who has any information, before you make it public, please confirm it if you have doubts,” he stated.

He added that if information is obtained overseas and there are doubts, the Ministry of Health should be called to clarify it.

“We have narrowed our point of dissemination of information, we are going to be using cyber technology in order to be able to track anybody who has put out any information that’s erroneous, and in particularly, to create panic in our country,” Chastanet said.

With at least three confirmed cases of the much-feared virus in the region, Chastanet said the last thing Saint Lucia needs is panic.

“What we don’t need is panic and we will prosecute anyone who is doing that and we are going to continue to articulate that position,” he stated.


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